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The Best Time to Jump-start your Career as a Freelance Writer

February 21, 2009| Category: Writing Tips

A lot of people often ask me about my freelance writing career. Surprisingly, I was asked by a very odd question about what month exactly is the best time to start for freelance writing. For me it was quite weird since this is something I have not usually entertained in my thoughts.

Is there really an exact and better month to start this kind of career? It took me a while to figure it out. I had to think further before I answer that question. Therefore, to be brief, you do not really have to wait for the right month or time to start with a freelance writing career. I cannot think of any good reason why you should start it with a particular month because all that matters is your drive and capability that you are willing and well prepared to do the job.

Well let us try January, if you think that you want a fresh start on your career or maybe it will help you in the process of preparing for the tax season. But still, this is not really a huge obligation for you to start with. What I really think about aspiring and new freelance writers is that what they really have to do is to start working for a freelance writing whenever they are ready and determined to do so. A particular month is not really the real deal here. For as long as you are ready, then better stop holding yourself back and write, because you will never know and learn unless you will try. You might regret the fact that you have been missing a lot of opportunities because of your reluctance and hesitation to engage in a freelance writing career.

Just remember that if you really have a strong determination and focus to work in this kind of career, then there is no way for you to choose what particular month you should start working to have a lucrative payment. In other words, if you really want to succeed in this path, then you should work for it. After all, all other endeavors really require hard work.

Why Freelance Writing is a Wonderful Career

January 24, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

There are many people who are wondering why a certain individual decides on sticking with a specific career. Of course, different people would give out different reasons and explanations why they have chosen a certain path. As for freelancers, there are quite some reasons why they decide on choosing freelance writing over any other careers.

Aside from the fact that a career in freelance writing does not require too much startup cost, there are still more reasons why there are individuals who stick with it. Here are just of their reasons:
1. Love for writing
The love for writing is one of the most obvious reasons why some people choose to be freelance writers. Though some writers tend to forget about this important aspect, it is still a vital ingredient to last and succeed in this career. Anyone who does not have the passion for writing will not stand and last through time.
2. Flexible working time
Though a freelancer has a deadline to beat, it does not deter the fact that he still has the complete control of his time. He can decide to finish his task right away or spend some breaks in between.
3. Control over work
With this kind of career, you do not have to worry about following a boss or accepting tasks that you are not confident in working with. You are the boss of your own company and have full control over the tasks that you would accept. Also, you are responsible for your own deed and decision.
4. Potential income

As long as you work hard and choose the right clients to deal with, you are never limited on how much income you will receive. If you compare it with regular work, you will never have the advantages that a freelance writing career can offer. With the right spirit and will, you can always increase your income no matter how much you want.

Though there are also some shortcomings in this kind of work, it is still not enough to outweigh the advantages that it has. Anyone can choose to go with this career but only few are called out to excel and succeed.

The Start and End of a Freelance Writing Project

January 11, 2009| Category: Writing Tips

Before you even accept a new project for freelance writing, you would have to ask the client some questions. First, you have to ask the client when the project begins. Second, you would also have to know when the due date is. If you fail to ask these two very important questions, you will find out that you will not be able to work effectively so much. While most clients address this instantly, there are moments when these aspects are overlooked.

In my work experience, a lot of jobs begin when all the details of the project are done. Put differently, I had no experiences of clients giving me a job and telling me not to start immediately. In fact, they even want me to go ahead and get the job done on time.

Of these two questions, it is more important to know the due date of the project. This is the date that you would have to be concerned with most. You should never agree to a completion date that you think you cannot commit to. Having to get to an impossible deadline will put a lot of pressure on you. The due date will always be flexible. But you have to remember that keeping the client happy is a key target. I always do my best to complete the job on an agreed date that works for a client. When the situation seems a little off, I try to ask for an extension. Fortunately, this is not a big problem.

Each freelance writing project is different. Some jobs will only take a day to finish so a quick turnaround is made. Other jobs are a lot more complex, so the client would have to give you more time to complete it.

Upon finalizing the details of the project, you have to be certain that you talk about the start and the end of the project. This shows the client that you are managing it well. In addition, knowing these dates will allow you to keep your own schedule. Of course, never forget that the happiness of the client is very important.

Working Hard has Always Been the Key to Success

January 6, 2009| Category: Dissertation Advice

If you are a freelance writer, you should not fret as to what you need to do because there are numerous things that may be done if you are in this kind of career. Contacts could be made, and at the same time, the skills that you have for writing could still be improved, and at the same time, acquire all the necessary equipment. But above all, having the capability to work hard day and night is of utmost importance. Writers who would not be persevering and would not be devoted and passionate about their work would not be able to truly succeed in their career.

For each freelance writer, they have their own definition of how it is to work hard. You may think that in order for you to be able to say that you have actually worked hard, you would have to spend about 10 hours every day just working. However, there may be another person who could say that working hard means spending about six hours doing paperwork. You should not worry about what the standard is for working hard, but rather, bear in mind that as long as there is that feeling of accomplishment then you may already say that you are actually working hard and that you are happy with what you are doing. However, if you would get lazy or unmotivated, then this is the time when you could get to experience certain kinds of problems.

You should always keep in mind that working hard could never be replaced in any way. This is applicable not only to a single freelance writer, but rather, to each and every writer no matter what stage the writer may be in. For those who have just started being a freelance writer, you may have to work much harder so that your work would become even more recognized by others. But you should never forget to continue working hard even if you have already gained numerous contacts as well as experience.

Eventually, you would see the success that are going to experience and things would change with regard to the schedule that you are going to have.

The Best Source of Writing Resources

December 24, 2008| Category: Business Writing Jobs

In writing your articles, it is crucial that you look for a reference that can support your ideas and arguments. You cannot simply come up with your own arguments and statements since you might not be able to defend it clearly and rationally later. Though you are entitled for your own opinion, it will still be great if there are some articles or written resources that can support your stand or claim.

This is also a vital requirement in freelance writing. With the help of resources, you can widen your horizon and understanding about certain topics. Moreover, if you are starting a career in this industry, some advices that would help you get started in this business will be very helpful. The more advices you can get, the better your performance would be.

Looking for such information is not a problem anymore. There is already a great avenue for writers to look for references when they need one and this is the Web. With the varying and rich information databank that the Internet can offer, there are no more worries for any freelance writer to look for references that can help them in their own article. One just needs to take an extra effort to browse for articles carefully and thoroughly that are available from this medium. Additionally, there are already websites wherein you can immediately find resources that can help you get started in the freelance writing industry. Some articles in these websites offer general to specific tips in writing.

Thus, the Internet is really a great avenue for you to learn a lot about freelance writing and how to become a great freelance writer. Still, the result of your career will solely depend on you. No matter how many advices you read or how many resources you access, it will still be useless if you do not have the will to make it happen. Remember that a great career in this industry relies on the perseverance of the writer itself. If you want to succeed, then look for some tips and advices that can help you and make it happen today.

The Right Freelance Writing Equipment for Starters

December 19, 2008| Category: Careers in Writing

No matter what career you choose, there is always some startup cost that you need to spend on with. Though this may vary from one career to another, this is something that you just cannot get rid of. You need to face it upfront and handle the expenses wisely.

A career in freelance writing does not require too much startup cost. It is probably one of the careers wherein you are not required to spend too much on items and equipments for you to get started. In this field, you just need to own few materials so that you can move forward and do great.

Basically, freelance writers would need a computer and printer. It would be impossible to imagine a writer without a computer on his desk. After all, this is the basic requirement of the job. Without this, your chosen career is in gray area.

Most freelance writers already have their own computer and printer on their desk. Because they already own one before they even started, they already have the advantage of dealing with clients immediately and promptly. Moreover, they do not need to spend more money as they start since the needed equipments are already within their reach.

However, for those that want to get into this career but do not have the necessary equipments, it would be difficult for them and might require rushing to the market to buy the items needed. If this is the case, one should not spend too much on the devices. Since you will just be starting out, it is wise to invest on affordable equipments first. You still do not know what will happen to you in this industry so it would be practical if you do not spend too much money yet.

An additional item that might also be important, but not necessarily required, is a telephone. Through this, you would be able to accept calls that are related to your work. But you do not really have to invest for one immediately if you are still starting. This can wait when you already have enough income and interested clients.

Getting Your First Client

December 1, 2008| Category: Writer Jobs

During your first day as a freelance writer, you might feel fidgety and nervous with doubts as to your ability of finding a client. This is normal though for it is quite difficult to convince anybody with your service if you do not have something to show as yet. However, days later, you will find your first client and as long as you give your best, you will be surprised of the workload that will keep on coming.

Here are some tips for your freelance writing career that will help you find your first client:
1. Be patient. This virtue is necessary in this job. You should learn to wait when you might have your first client. Even if you may encounter several failures along the way, you should tell yourself that your first client will come and give way to more clients. If you are lucky, you may have your first client on your first day or you may find one after just a few weeks. Just be optimistic and do not give up easily.
2. Explore more avenues to find your first client. Use every way that you know of how to find your first client. You should be resourceful in doing so. If you can, you should exhaust all means available. You can use the Internet for online freelance writing jobs. You should also do cold calling, cold emailing, join bidding sites, and more. If it seems like your first client is hard to find, you should all the more exert efforts in your search. Search every corner that there is in the writing world.

The search for your first client is really difficult. You may even contemplate about giving up on your future in the freelance writing career. However, this might be the right time for you to start building up on your career. You should just be flexible enough in finding ways by which you can reach out more to your market. Learn to adjust your marketing plan to fit in new promotions, as you see appropriate.

Freelance writing will become easier once you have already found your first client.

Becoming a Full-time Freelance Writer from being Part-time

November 27, 2008| Category: Dissertation Advice

There are a lot of freelance writers who may be doing it part-time but, are already thinking about doing it full-time. If you are one of these, then this would surely be a major transition that you are about to experience. However, if you truly feel that you are now ready for this kind of undertaking, then it is a must to immediately do so instead of prolonging this transition.

You just have to take these three simple tips into account so that this transition would become more meaningful and worth remembering:

1. You should be aware of what you are going to do and what you are about to do. When you decide to work as a full-time freelance writer, it would be different from working part-time. Also, you should be prepared to work longer, and that you may become busy. If for instance you have no other source of income besides this, you should immediately try to move to being a full-time writer immediately.
2. You should first be able to answer all possible questions that are running through your mind before you make any decision to go full-time. A freelance writer may have a set of various questions different from another writer. There are those who are curious about how they would be able to appropriately market once they become a full-time writer. Aside from this, there are also those writers who are interested to know about the number of hours that needs to be devoted. The answers are to be found by simply exploring your surroundings and what are the available sources for your answers.
3. Go straight ahead. There are writers who are still afraid of this kind of decision in the sense that they beat around it and in the end, do not actually end up getting there. You should know within you that you are prepared and indeed ready for this kind of transition. When do not go ahead and dive in, it would be difficult for you to actually achieve the goals that you have just because you became afraid to really go through this transition and you may not be confident about yourself.

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