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What Makes My Writing Marked as AI Text?

May 7, 2024| Category: Writing Tips

Like checking for plagiarism, teachers use AI detection software tools to assess whether the text submitted by a student is AI-generated or

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Guidelines on Proper Citation in Academic Writing

April 21, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

Whereas many writers claim that content is the most essential part of academic writing that directly impacts the overall grade, it is not completely right because citations are not less important. When writing essays, research papers, and other academic papers, you frequently use additional sources and readings. Therefore, if you take some information from them...

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How to Learn Academic Citation Styles Quickly

December 9, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Every academic paper should have a citation style that structures and formats it according to a certain guide. Usually, the academic discipline defines which style is preferred. For instance, MLA style is commonly used for the humanities and liberal arts, and papers for social sciences are mainly formatted in APA style. Still, a student should...

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