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Our policies

Dear Writer,

In order to avoid any misunderstandings and facilitate flawless work conditions, we have established some principle rules that guide our cooperation with writers. Please, read carefully some basic rules below. Yet, do not forget to get acquainted with detailed principles of work outlined in the Writer’s guide available in the system once you login as an approved writer.



  • 12 point Times New Roman font (unless other font is requested by the Customer of a given order);
  • double-spaced (or single-spaced) text (depending on order details);       
  • min 300 words per double-spaced page (minimum 600 words per single-spaced page); 
  • title page
  • outline  (on customer's request)   
  • left alignment of the text (no justification); 
  • one-inch margins on all sides (2.54 cm);
  • sources (bibliography/references/works cited) on a separate page; 
  • Microsoft Word (.doc) file type; 
  • Paper should strictly follow the citation style (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago) determined by the Customer;
  • Order number and topic are used for the file name (i.e. 100000232_Jane Austin.doc) 


  1. The paper should address all of the points specified in the order description. You should always follow the customer's instructions.
  2. Due date (order deadline) should always be honored. Only in some rare emergency cases we can ask a client to extend the deadline, but sometimes it is impossible. Learn to plan your writing time in order to meet the deadlines.
  3. The paper should be written according to the general academic writing standards.
  4. Do NOT COPY&PASTE. Paraphrase and give reference. Plagiarism may endanger academic record of the client, and will result in zero payment for you and a huge trouble for us. There are a number of methods to spot plagiarism, including plagiarism detection software. So, don't take the risk of cheating. Please cite all sources that you utilize while writing.
  5. The citation style is important. You are required to strictly follow the style requested by the customer. There are several citation styles: MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian. You can find the information about them on the Internet or in our Writer's guide.


You can take orders that you can write on our website using your personal login and a password. In case you are chosen by the customer as a preferred writer, you will be notified via e-mail.

All completed orders should be uploaded into the system. If, for some reason, you cannot upload your paper, you will need to send it to our Support Team.



Within 7 days $ 3 - 8
Within 4 days $ 4 - 10
Within 2 days $ 5 - 12
Within 24 hours $ 6 - 14

The payment for the paper will be indicated in the order description.  If the quality of your writing is not high, the payment for the paper may be lowered. Please mind that most of papers are checked by editors, who make sure that you

Your salary will be sent to you once per month. The salary will be released within 7 days after it is calculated (approximately after 15-18th) for all orders completed between the 1st and the 30th (31st) of the previous month.


If the writer sends inappropriate work, which does not correspond to the customer's instructions precisely, the refund might be issued to the unsatisfied customer. We are also forced to provide a refund when the writer makes a lot of grammar mistakes or plagiarizes (i.e. we find 7%+ of valid plagiarism). Please note that if we have to issue a refund, the customer cancels his/her order and the writer is not paid for this particular paper and gets penalized (writer’s account gets downgraded or even deactivated).

Yet, the customer might choose to ask you for a revision if you failed to follow initial guidelines or made a lot of mistakes. You will be asked to correct the mistakes in the paper, address the topic, or rewrite the paper if plagiarism is found. You will still get paid for the paper, but all the revisions are to be handled free of charge.


There is a penalty for lateness (30% of the order’s price is deducted if the paper is uploaded when the deadline already expires) . If for some serious reason, you are not able to meet the deadline, you must inform us about it at least 2 hours before the deadline expires and name the exact time when the paper will be completed.

Please, show your competence and professionalism and learn to manage your writing time wisely.


The amount you will be paid for each submitted paper is based on the following parameters:

  • Number of pages,
  • Closeness of the deadline,
  • Complexity of the Paper/Academic level,
  • Your writer’s level and rating (rating is determined through (i) external evaluation performed by the Customers, and (ii) internal evaluation based on standard criteria determined in the system),
  • Amounts withheld as fines (for plagiarizing, being late, low quality of writing).

There are other factors that can affect the price per page. This occurs when variable components, usually defined by the Customers, come into play (for example, math paper of one page may differ in price from literature paper of one page).


We are always pleased when our writers are both conscientious and hard-working. To help encourage this, we have a Bonus Policy, which rewards writers for their consistent efforts.

Your writer’s level orders limit are preliminary determined by the test you pass when registering at 4Writers.net. But the level and orders limit might later be changed both ways depending on your performance. The quality of sent papers determines the level which is the most suitable for the writer. In our assessment process, we take into consideration the feedback we receive from the Customers as well as internal evaluation done by our editors. Customer’s remarks and evaluation may and will affect the number of orders that writer can take. So, it is imperative that performance standards are kept high to maintain a favorable performance record.

If a writer cannot take an order, it means this order is in prohibited list to a particular writer.

Bonus Payments

As an additional incentive for our writers, we are pleased to have implemented an attractive bonus payment system for high output.


Fines and penalties are deductions made by the Company from the payments that are due to the Writer. The fines and penalties apply in the following cases:


We will penalize you if your paper is proved to be plagiarized by the plagiarism detection engine.

Third occurrence of plagiarism will result in the immediate suspension of Writer's account with the possibility of being permanently removed from the panel of writers.

Text considered to be plagiarized if it has more than 7% of copy-pasted (plagiarized) content. We check papers for plagiarism with the help of www.plagiarismsearch.com service as well as other checkers.

Late Delivery of Paper:

30% of the order’s price is deducted if the paper is uploaded late (when the deadline already expires). Note that a customer might demand a refund if we ask him to extend a deadline, hence deadline extensions are possible only in very rare special cases.

Moreover, if we receive the chargeback because a writer did not fulfill his/her obligation to send a paper on time, the fine in the sum of full price will be applied.

Wrong Style:

Whenever the paper is submitted in wrong citation style (formatting and layout / referencing / specific academic format requirements and so on), the Writer will be fined 10% of the fee for that paper.

Quality of Writing:

There are separate penalties for the quality of writing (if the paper does not fully meet the customer’s requirements and/or general academic writing standards).

Withdrawing Your Offer after Initial Acceptance

Make sure to check order details, instructions, and availability of materials needed for completing the order before taking it.

Whenever the Writer refuses from an assignment to write the paper he/she took, the Writer shall be liable for such refusal. Reassignment may result in a fine which is calculated depending on circumstances.

Should you have any queries regarding your work at 4Writers.net, do not hesitate to contact us anytime by writing an e-mail to info@4writers.net or visiting our live chat on the website.