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A Research Paper in High School vs. A Research Paper in College

October 22, 2020| Category: Writing Tips

What is the main difference between a research paper written in high school and a research paper written in a college? In fact, the way you wrote the research papers in high school will be similar to how you will write them for your college courses. For instance, you will use the same research techniques,...

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How to Evaluate Academic Sources Properly

July 31, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Evaluating your academic sources is as crucial as writing a paper or orchestrating a scientific project itself.  If you choose dubious sources of information, you may jeopardize the entire work, because it can be dismissed, especially if the target audience includes not only students but also representatives of academia. Thus, it is critical to make...

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How to Write a Good Abstract

November 25, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Abstract is a very important part of writing. Many students do not pay much attention to it, making a serious mistake. To understand the importance of writing, you should imagine the following situation. You are a teacher and you have 30-40 students. You have asked all your students to write a research paper. Each research...

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