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Tips on How to Write the Content Professionally

August 4, 2017| Category: Business Writing Jobs, Careers in Writing, Freelance Writing, Writer Jobs

The writers who create the content professionally earn their living this way. The requirements for becoming professional content writer include competence and skillfulness. Content writing should be regarded as a profession rather than a hobby. It requires writing on a great number of topics, ranging from popular issues to scientific ones. The advantage of working...

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7 Reasons for Choosing a Company When Being a Freelancer

May 12, 2017| Category: Business Writing Jobs, Careers in Writing, Writer Jobs

Being a freelancer means either looking for the customers or allowing customers to search for you. If you do not have much experience in freelancing, if you do not have any idea where to find customers for your written papers, you would be puzzled in how to start working. There are a lot of companies,...

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The Best Time to be a Freelance Writer

November 7, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

To be honest, if you are asking for the right time to start with a freelance writing career, then think again. For you will not know when would be the perfect time to start this online writing job. In my case, I never knew at first on what would be the things going on in...

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Taking Pleasure from a Freelance Writing Project

October 25, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

I often ask members of my freelance writing course about the kind of freelance writing projects that they enjoy the most. And I can see that they are already tired of being asked by this monotonous question. Definitely it is too much but it is very important to ask this question at least once a...

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Qualities of a Successful Freelance Writer

September 14, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

Just like all other career paths, it is hard to specify what exactly determines a good freelance writer. There are a few people who have a lot of success without necessarily going with the common path. There are other people who never earn as much as they can even if they feel that their performance...

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A Question about Freelance Writing Income

August 23, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

Occasionally, I receive queries asking me the kind of earnings a freelance writer can get. Well, this is quite a difficult question to answer because there is actually no standard. In other words, different writers differ in the amount of money that they earn. Some are quite successful in getting good incomes whiles some are...

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Getting the Hang of Your Freelance Writing Career

August 5, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

When you begin your job as a freelance writer, you will be the only one who is in charge of managing your career. The same is not true when your work for another employer. Of course, you manage to be your own person but you have to go with what your company has to say...

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Freelance Writing: Is it the Career for Me?

March 28, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is a promising career. With its many advantages, there is no doubt that it is really an ideal career for everyone. Because of this, you might already be wondering if you can immediately dive into this kind of work. Unfortunately, for some people who have been thinking of getting into this kind of...

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