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A Question about Freelance Writing Income

August 23, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

Occasionally, I receive queries asking me the kind of earnings a freelance writer can get. Well, this is quite a difficult question to answer because there is actually no standard. In other words, different writers differ in the amount of money that they earn. Some are quite successful in getting good incomes whiles some are still in the process of learning and trying to increase the amount that they earn.

Personally speaking, I can say that there is no way to indicate a standard of what a good freelance writing income figure. You may feel that earning a thousand dollars per month is good when you are working part-time. But for people who are on the job on a full-time load, any amount that is less than five thousand dollars is definitely a no-no. If you want to be a successful freelance writer, you have to make and maintain your own income goals.

If you have an income goal, it does not matter what other people think. This is because the earnings that you make with your freelance writing make you happy. Of course, you should do all that you can to get the full satisfaction from your career. And you can do that by achieving your goals.

But one thing is definitely for sure, you will not be able to reach all of the goals that you set in only a few weeks. In fact, I only had a total of $52 in my first stint as a freelance writer. It was not until I was three months into my career that I had begun to see the possibilities of the income that I could make. You should then set both long and short-term goals that are related to income. Afterwards, you should work very hard to get them.

When people ask what kind of income is good when it comes to freelance writing, I answer them with another question. I ask them what their goals are in terms of the income. The great thing about being a freelance writer is the freedom that you have when controlling your income. You have to set your own goals and see what you can achieve based on them.