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How Writing Essays Makes My Life More Interesting Every Day

May 18, 2017| Category: Careers in Writing, Writing Tips

I have been working on multiple positions in the past years, but I could not stand staying in the same place and completing the same task over and over again for a long time. Therefore, I had to change a job and start looking for a new one every few months. Then I have come across this website and it changed my approach to work as a process. I cannot but share my feelings with you, so be ready to learn my story.



Whatever jobs I had before, they all required acquiring certain skills and qualifications and memorizing particular information and that was it – I had to complete a certain process or a set of them all over again. I was turning into a machine, a living robot with no interest in anything as I had to process the information and nobody would allow me to learn something new – there was no need for that. When I became an active writer, I got a new vision of work. I learned that since all of my essays will have to be unique, I had to research a lot to have them done. This had a secret meaning for me – I would have to learn something new every time I would work on the new assignment. This motivated me to become an active writer since this way I would be developing my knowledge and would keep the constant progress.

Financial Independence

Initially, I doubted whether it is worth becoming a writer, as I believed that since there would be no fixed schedule, but a rather flexible one, this would not allow me to make enough money for living without maintaining a different job. However, once I started working, my view of the things changed dramatically. I do not have to work all day through to make as much as I need as I have a choice of the orders and can take the ones I can complete ASAP with the greatest price per page possible. This means that I can earn as much as I need within a really short period, and the time I save can be spent for any entertainment of my choice. Moreover, I can easily afford it since I made enough money working on the essays, and the entire world becomes open to me. This is how I managed to travel across numerous countries, visited ancient sites and took thousands of pictures so that my life definitely become more interesting. I believe that working with this company would allow me to eventually check all the places of interest all over the world.

Unbelievable Flexibility

There is no need to tell you that doing the job takes time. However, in my case, it is up to me when I wish to complete the assignment. When I take the job that has a long deadline, I can easily manage it in a few days, working on it part by part and ensuring I am on the right track by simple rereading. Since I am free to take breaks between work at any time, I can manage my day in a variety of ways based on my personal preferences. Therefore, every new day in my life is different, and life gets only better from this.

Don’t wait, just ACT!!!

My words may sound as if I described an imaginary situation, something that could not really happen, but it did. I truly hope you will not be losing time, thinking about this opportunity, but rather make a step forward, sign up and start learning, earning and enjoying your life today.