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The Things that Hinder You and Your Freelance Writing

November 9, 2008| Category: Writing Tips

Taking the plunge and going for a full-time freelance writing career should be quite an exciting moment. Unfortunately, not very many people make it to this level. For a lot of reasons, they remain in their part-time positions. In some worse cases, they have given up their careers all in all. If you feel that something is holding you back from becoming a full-pledged freelance writer, then it is high time to make some drastic changes.

Among the many worries of freelance writers is fear. A lot of people are afraid to let go of the comforts that their nine to five jobs give. Are you afraid that the money that you will be earning will not be able to get you enough to stay afloat? These are some very common concerns. Fear is absolutely one thing that a lot of people will face if they are looking forward to becoming full-time freelance writers. However, you should also remember that this can be a great form of motivation at the same time.

Are you now ready? Some people have doubts about their readiness to become full-time freelance writers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these kinds of feelings. But you should also remember that you should be completely comfortable with your career decision. If something about your choice feels apprehensive for any reason, you should think twice and lean more to your part-time career for the mean time.

You should also never heed people who say that becoming a freelance writer full-time is a terrible choice. Believe me, a lot of people are sceptics when it comes to this. Some of them might even be the people who are close to you. Of course, you may want to hear them out; but it would up to you to make the final decision on the career path that you want to take. Of course, it would be undesirable if the person who makes the decision for your path is not yourself.

So what exactly is keeping you from taking the plunge? Once you find the specific problem, you can think of the best solution. There is a high chance that the thing holding you back is one very minor problem you can easily get over.

Take your Freelance Writing Career Now!

October 22, 2008| Category: Freelance Writing

A lot of people are hesitant to try becoming a freelance writer. They presumably had a number of excuses why they always say next time even if they want this job. You cannot deny the fact that making excuses is easy than trying this kind of opportunity. However, it is also a bit risky in deciding whether you have to pursue this freelance writing job. But all you need is the courage to take the first step and then eventually, things will come your way. It is only in the beginning that you had to take a lot of adjustments and risks, but not until you get used to it.

And to give you an idea that now is the best time to start your freelance writing career, here are some reasons why you should go for it:

1. You are looking for a secured job. If you think that your boss will cut off your income, and then try being you as your own boss. You are in charge of your own career and because of this, you feel energized with the kind of setting you have.

2. You will get to involve in a large market so you need not to worry on where to cater your work. With this, you can be working in web content, to article writing, to advertising, and more. It is a big mistake about considering this career as a small market for this is in fact a huge industry. Do not believe other people telling you that freelance writing is just a small business.

3. Earning a lucrative income is very accessible. You have the control of your own income. Unlike having an employer, you need not to wait for your monthly income that your employer offers you. And like any common jobs, you have to understand that your boss is always right. And that is not the case of being in a freelance writing career.

If you think your questions are being answered, then start building your own freelance writing dream right now!

Do You still Enjoy Freelance Writing?

October 17, 2008| Category: Business Writing Jobs

If you want to last long in a career, you should be able to do it day after day with a smile plastered on your lips. This way, you will find that your job is not a hard thing to do. It will not feel as though it really is a job. If you are enjoying while you are doing it, you will encounter less problems and frustrations with it. If this is how you feel towards freelance writing, you may have found just the right career for you.

One of the top targets in looking for a job is a good salary. However, a good pay will not be able to offset a job that will leave you unsatisfied. You have to keep these two things in balance. You should also consider how enjoyable a job is. Without fun, you will feel as though days are dragging as you wait for yet another round of payments. You will easily get burnt out which is not a good thing. You should find a job that you can sustain. Thus, you should find a job that is fun and gives a good pay at the same time.

There are various reasons as to why freelance writing can be considered as fun. Other people might say that writing keeps them happy. Others find comfort in writing which is why they want to keep on doing it. If it keeps you fulfilled, why take it away from yourself? Another thing is that writing does not only mean that you are always giving. It is also a learning process on your part, especially when you will be dealing with many other professionals as you go along your career. Aside from being fun, freelance writing is also educational. It can widen your knowledge about many different things.

If you are in the freelance writing business and you do not feel satisfied with it anymore, it could be the right time for you to consider another career path that you will find refreshing and enjoyable. If doing so will make you feel better, you should not frustrate yourself with writing.

Having a Better Career in Freelance Writing

October 4, 2008| Category: Writing Tips

Setting your goals is the start of a great future. You need to clearly define what you want and what you want to achieve. Afterwards, you need to heartily and willfully follow the right procedures and techniques to achieve your goals. With this, you are certainly on your way to a great future.

This same principle can also be followed in your own freelance writing career. Even if you work part-time or full-time, coming up with a great career in this field is not impossible to make. Part-time writers can even make it happen though it can be quite far and unattainable to fulfill. But still, there are already few writers that achieved their career aspirations even if they just work little time during the day. What could be their secret?

There are many ways to advance your career in freelance writing. First, you have to decide if you want to work full-time or not. This is a crucial question since this will determine the time you will be spending for your work. On the contrary, if you decide to keep your daily work, it would be great if you spend some hours in the morning before your work and in the evening before you go to sleep. With this, you can certainly advance your career even if you still have your regular work.

On the other hand, if you are already a full-time writer, this would denote that you already have the full control of your time geared towards your writing job. However, this does not mean that you can slack off. In fact, you need to work more efficiently and spend more than eight hours of work. In this way, you certainly have a bright career ahead of you.

Everything is possible. As long as you have the will and perseverance to make your dreams turn into a reality, there is no doubt that it will certainly come true. The basic solution for you to become a great freelance writer is to make extra time to achieve your aspirations. That means you should put more effort and time in your chosen career.


Writing Those Science Papers

September 29, 2008| Category: Dissertation Advice

It is a fact that a lot of people are looking for a job. Regardless if you have just graduated, you may already seek application for the position of a so-called full time writer. Definitely, there are now more job opportunities that await people which would simply ask you to make use of the talents that you have. There is no need to choose between studies or work, and all that you feel are very important in your life, and worry how you could balance that with a job that is decent. Nowadays, there are a lot of students who opt to take job for writers. Through this, students gain an opportunity to earn on their own without much hassle. This results to a more sufficient means for them to sustain their needs.

Some people may still be wondering what awaits them if they take this kind of opportunity. You would not have a tough time looking for the most appropriate job since there is now a wide range of possibilities when it comes to this kind of career. First and foremost, a lot of companies are in search of writers who are capable of writing well relating to science as well as technology for their research needs. You may want to consider applying for a job related to science writing if you feel that you are passionate about this. There is a great need for articles that mainly focus on science. This has become prevalent due to further research that is being conducted, along with various scientific developments.

Scientific topics to be considered

Nowadays, there are a lot of topics that are being provided. One particular field is related to designs for experiments which are utilized for further studies about science. It is assumed that you are familiar as to how different experiments are executed, as well as how is done. It may be recalled that in schools, students are taught about designs which would help them gain better understanding about scientific concepts. Taking this into consideration, the paper that you are going to write may start of by simply giving a discussion pertaining to a design for research which could serve as a base plan.

Who is your boss for freelance writer?

September 24, 2008| Category: Business Writing Jobs

There is lot of freedom when you are working as a freelance writer as most of them do not even aware of these facts. Almost everyone does not like others to control their life. If you are working as a freelancer then you are the boss for yourself as there is no need for you to fear for anyone. Most people will not agree upon this fact. But when you are looking deep onto the matter you will be able to realize that this thing is true to a great extent. Here are some of the things that will normally come to your mind when you are going to work as a freelance write.

1)      You will have the fullest of freedom to choose your own working time as no body will be able to say anything. The only thing that you need to keep up is that you need to finish and submit the work within the stipulated time that you agreed earlier to submit to your client. You are the one who is going to choose the client. If you think that you do not like to have any relationship with any particular client then you can simply say no to them as nobody will be able to question you anything.

2)      So this will make the client to have a friendly relationship with you and will not have to face any boss servant relationship with your client.

You need not think the people who are giving you the job an s a boss instead think them as your client as this will help you to remove most of the strained relationship that usually most people will face in their office.


Organization Must Be of Utmost Importance

September 11, 2008| Category: Freelance Writing

In previous discussions, it has already been made mentioned that there is a need for organization. To a lot of writers, being organized is very important most especially if you aim to become successful. At first, you may think that it is necessary but this is a common misconception. Regardless of the task that you are going to do, whether you would have to write, or marketing or simply do something for accounting, it would be to your advantage if you would learn to become organized.

A lot of writers like me would be able to attest that by learning and maintaining the habit of being a person who is very organized is not very difficult to do. With the use of a simple list that needs to be done, the take and all the other paperwork are accomplished on time. It would no longer be necessary for you to spend for any kind of software just so you could get your things or rather, your tasks organized. Bear in mind, that as a freelance writer, you have the liberty as to how you would organize your paperwork, and would not have to follow some form of procedure or something to that extent.

It is important that the moment that you feel that you are no longer organized, you must be able to fix things immediately. You should try to ask yourself what problems do you encounter and by knowing this, you would now be able to sort things out and improve your skill in organizing things. In the beginning, you may feel that you are too disorganized. But as you go along and eventually be able to adapt to the situation and to your work, then you would soon observe that things are becoming more organized.

There is no doubt that when you learn how to stay organized, you would then be able to realize that you would be able to achieve success, and at the same time, you would no longer get too stressed whenever you need to do paperwork. You should always remain open-minded in terms of making modifications to the strategy that you use.

What Freelance Writing Is All About

July 15, 2008| Category: Writing Tips

Freelance writing is a nonstop learning process. You need to learn every in and out in the business to help improve your craft as time passes by. You can be taught about how to jumpstart your freelance writing career, how to promote it, how much you can expect to earn, and more. However, before you should learn about these things, you should be briefed about what freelance writing is. You cannot boast of a long experience in writing for you still have a lot to learn about updated writing techniques. Thus, you should not fail to find some time to squeeze in a little writing education.

There are three things that you can do to learn more about freelance writing.
1. Befriend the Internet. Aside from being used as means to accept your online writing tasks, you can also use the Internet in many other beneficial ways. If you have questions about freelance writing and many other matters, you can use the Internet to look for the answers. You can find decent blogs and websites that can teach you more about freelance writing. The Internet can be a good teacher about freelance writing.
2. Read books. You may spend more money when you buy books than when you use the Internet alone to do your search about freelance writing. However, books about the said topic can be considered as your investments to improve your craft, gain more clients, and eventually, earn more.
3. Share ideas with other freelance writers. You should also learn to ask for help from those people who are ahead of you in your chosen career path. These experienced writers will be able to guide you when you are still familiarizing yourself with your environment. This way, your new job will be easier for you to do. You may even be taught tips about how to go about your job to make it easier. Go to any person whom you think can help you.

These are the three ways by which you can improve your knowledge about freelance writing. These are effective ways which can help you collect information about the said matter.

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