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Freelance Writing: For and Against

March 31, 2017| Category: Careers in Writing, Freelance Writing, Writer Jobs

Freelance writing is one of the professions, which has received wide spread all over the world with the emergence of the Internet. Many people are involved in freelance writing and enjoy the process. However, there are also a number of those who have already tried freelance jobs and haven’t received any satisfaction. If you are looking for a job and have appeared in a doubtful situation, whether to become involved in freelance writing or adhere to the traditional office positons, this article is for you. The strongest for and against reasons will be discussed to help you decide what you are looking for.


Reasons for Freelance Job

  • You totally control your time. You are free to work when you want and to have rest when you feel tired. You are not tied to any working hours. You can stay on bed as long as you want. You may work at night if it is convenient for you or you can start early in the morning and finish by 10-11 am and have the while day free.
  • You work where you want. No need to go to office and sit there. Also, no need to spend time and money on transport as you may work in a cozy kitchen or in a park.
  • You regulate your salary. It depends on the amount of the completed work. You get payment for the tasks you’ve completed.
  • You select the task you want to complete and no one can make you do the assignment you do not like.
  • Freedom is the main characteristic feature of freelance writing job. You are the boss, even though you work for the company

Reasons against Freelance Job

  • You cannot know for sure that you will have the tasks to do tomorrow.
  • You do not have guarantees that the offered tasks will be interesting for you and in the area of your knowledge.
  • You are not protected from customer dissatisfaction. In case your writing doesn’t correspond to customers’ expected quality, the customer may ask for money return and the company will have to refund this sum. You are not paid in this case.
  • Absence of strict working hours is not a good option for people, who cannot organize themselves. Not many people are self-disciplined and can structure their work and manage time effectively.
  • Having no strict office hours, freelancers should be available 24/7, since revision is an inevitable part of freelance working and can be put any time. Customers do not mind your vacations, days off and even sleepless nights.
  • Despite the possibility to plan your working time, you will have to work much to earn enough.
  • No one will pay your vacations and sick leaves. All this is done on your expense.

Several more reasons to remember about freelance writing

  1. You adore writing.
  2. You are crazy about writing and ready to wake up early in the morning or even at night and do a revision.
  3. You are ready to search for jobs and get what you want as no one will give you anything.
  4. You can communicate in a written form and ensure the Customer is satisfied with your communication style.

Therefore, your choice of freelance writing should not be some impulsive decision. You need to think about your daily responsibilities and decide whether you will be able to combine those. Some young mothers believe that being a mother is the best choice to become a freelancer. However, this is not always true. It is the best choice when you have someone to walk with your kid, but if you are the only person who stays with a kid the whole day, freelance job is not for you.

You should decide whether freelance position is a good choice for you, depending on your skills and circumstances. Not everyone can be a freelance writer.