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Tips for freelance writing

July 31, 2009| Category: Freelance Writing

Now days more and more people are now increasing taking freelance writing job as their profession. This is because this is one of the convenient ways of earning money and this will also provide you with plenty of freedom which you will not be able to enjoy in most of the other job. Here you are the boss for yourself as their will be no one to control you. You will be able to decide your own working time and when you are going to take rest. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you need to give your work on time as you have agreed to our clients otherwise you ill not be able to gain the confidence of your clients which will in turn will result in adverse impact in your business.

When you look closely about the freelance writing you will be able to realize that there are lots of options that are available for you. There are some essential things that you need to have as a freelance writer. One such thing is the time management. You need to know how you need to pririoritize your work based on the importance of the work. You should have the capacity to get maximum possible use of the opportunity that has been given to you. Freelance writer will be able to get different kind of the work based on the companies that they choose. It is essential that they need to understand the need of the company and then work accordingly to fulfill and satisfy the needs of your client.

Most of the people take freelance writing as a par time job. They tend to make money with the spare time that they have. One thing is sure most of the time you will get the work. This is because most of the time seasonal as well as short term projects that is available for you.

If you are working as a freelance writer then you will have a lot of advantage than the one who is writing for a company on a full time. This is because he or she will not be able to work for other company and he will not deserve the salary that he or she has been deserved to receive. Your income level will directly depend on the amount of the work that you do. The more the work that you do the more the amount that you are going to receive. A freelance writer can has the freedom to schedule his or her own time frame unless like a person who is working for a company who need to reach the office on time. Even few minutes delay from the scheduled time, he or she is likely to get scolding from the higher officials.

You need not have many skills to take this as your profession and the only thing that you need is the passion for writing and you will be able to improve your skills as the time goes on. You need to write the article given to you in an efferent manner without any spelling grammar or unction error and in a manner which the target audience should be able to understand your language. There are really lot of benefits if you are taking freelance writing as your profession.

Reasonable Freelance Writing Goals

July 18, 2009| Category: Careers in Writing

Many people who want to enter the writing industry ask me several kinds of questions. Most of these questions are all about income. More concretely, they like to ask the amount of money a person can earn and how much income is reasonable for a writer. Actually, it is quite difficult for me to tell others what is reasonable when it comes to the amount of money that a freelance writer can earn. The reason for this is that each writer is different from the other and deals with things uniquely. For example, a person who only writes on his or her free time might not have the same goals as someone who does the job on a full-time basis.

But to give a more suitable answer, I guess that the goal of a freelance writer should be based on figures that he or she is comfortable at achieving. This goal should also give the writer en ought money to cover personal needs. In other words, you have to be very realistic when setting goals in writing. As a newbie to freelance writing, you might have fantasies of earning as much as $1,000 in a single month. In real life, people do not reach this level o income unless they are more established. At the same time, writers need to consider the amount of money that they need to get by. You need to think of the expenses that you incur in a month. After seeing this figure, you should know the level of your income goal.

You should also remember what your income goal is every time you write. Keep in mind that your goals can also change with time. In my own career, initially I just wanted to make a few extra incomes to see and test out what I could do. From there, I shifted my focus and turned my goals. Eventually I began to earn as much as my last full-time job. In the present time, my income goals are much higher than what I thought they could be!

Hopefully, the things that I have told you can give you a much better idea of how to set reasonable goals in your freelance writing income. One thing to remember is not to allow other people to influence your goals. Your goals should ultimately be based on your own capabilities, comfort level, and the amount of cash you need for sustenance.

Getting Extra Income with Freelance Writing

July 13, 2009| Category: Writer Jobs

Freelance writing has been a very useful job to help people earn an extra income. Because of this, freelance writing has become very popular nowadays. If you know how to play your game ball, then considering it as part-time job would be very great and advantageous for you. This might be a driving force that will help you engage in a full-time job. In this case you are one step away from success.

Working as a part-time freelance writer is not that easy. It will require you a lot of energy to write articles after an eight-hour work from the office. Make sure you have enough time and energy to still work as a freelance writer on the side. But all these obstacles would mean nothing if you are determined to do your work. You would always find ways for as long as you are determined to do so. Of course you will encounter a lot of difficulties at first but you will eventually learn from it and adjust.

An advantage of working part-time as a freelance writer is that you are not pressured in earning a lot of money since it is your choice whether to work on a particular task or not. In the first place, you are doing this for a side income and not the primary source of everything. And that fact is so awesome on your part.

I think that you only need a good time management if you engage in this field. It is an essential key to your success if you consider a part-time freelance writing career as an option. Choosing this career as a side job would be a good choice for you to decide since this work allows you to have freedom to take charge of everything. All you need is your skill to manage your time well and the energy to keep you going from work. Besides, all these things can be at reach if you have the determination and motivation to work in this kind of career path.

Part-time Career in Freelance Writing

June 26, 2009| Category: Writer Jobs

I admit that it is definitely the best decision of my career move in working as a full-time freelance writer. However time is a luxury that most of the people do not have. So it would be better for them to work part-time if they cannot work on a full-time basis. They can always have freelance writing as their part-time job if they want to. But working part-time should also have some things to remember.

First is that you have to gain a lot of energy if you are planning to get a part-time freelance writing job aside from your full-time job. This is a very tiring routine because if you will add other aspects of your life like family, you need to be very careful no to be exhausted. I experienced this one and believe me, it was never easy from the start. I had to make a lot of adjustments in the beginning.

Next is that you can earn money but it is not advisable to engage a part-time job when you need a full-time payment to provide your needs and wants. I know some part-time workers who make money but bear in mind that when you work less hours then that would usually mean for a less compensation.

And lastly you also need to think about accounting and marketing. Some part-time freelance writers are often mistaken because of what they are doing. They just keep on writing without considering other factors such as marketing and accounting. Selling out and paying for your taxes are just few of the things you have to consider that goes along with your work in being a freelance writer.

If you are now working as a part-time freelance writer and eventually decided to take a full-time career, then it is an advantage for you since you already got the experience. The information above will help you whenever you are about to or already taking a part-time freelance writing career. These things will provide you ideas that will help you in your online writing job.

What You Can Gain from Freelance Writer Jobs

June 21, 2009| Category: Careers in Writing

It is possible that you have already grown tired of finding an online job that would work well for you. If this is the case, then you could possibly think about going into freelance writing and try to think about this opportunity. Finding the most appropriate writing job on the internet would not be a difficult task since there are numerous opportunities that may be found by means of the internet. You may also find writers who are willing to share their experiences or give suggestions. On top of this, these writers may also provide what kind of benefits may possibly be gained from doing freelance writer work. Through this, it would now become easier for you to make decisions with regard to selecting a means for you to get income easily.

One of the most considered advantage when you decide to become a freelance writer is the fact that you would have the chance to work for various companies. The moment that you decide to take advantage of a job online for freelance writing, it would then become a given that you may get to choose from various websites and select a lot of these companies, but there are websites that are actually involved in fraudulent acts. This means that you would have to look for a company that is capable of taking care of the writers that are being hired. With the use of the internet, you would get a chance to look into these kinds of companies that know how to acknowledge the work of their writers and provide a reasonable pay.

When you have some sort of freelance writer job, it would be very easy for you to be in full control of the schedule that you are going to have. This means that you would not have any kind of time constraints unlike when you actually work for an office that operates during regular schedule. At the same time, you may also work at a pace that would be most appropriate and convenient for you. You should always take into consideration that the amount of money that you are going to earn is based on how productive you are.

My Freelance Writing Journey

May 3, 2009| Category: Dissertation Advice

It took me a long time for me to say that my freelance writing career is the best decision that I made in my entire life. A lot of reasons brought me into my freelance writing career and I can say that everything I have done in the previous years was worth it. But for new freelance writers that I once was, entering this kind of career is full of uncertainties. Of course you cannot deny the fact that you are still on your way building your career path.

There are three reasons that brought me into freelance writing. First, I wanted things to go my way. In other words, I am the boss. For how many years of working with and for other people, it made me realize that I can do things better alone. When you are involved in a freelance writing work, you have the privilege to manipulate things. You are in charge of everything. Though it is such a huge responsibility, this thing is very fulfilling and makes me feel great. Second, I got a degree in Journalism that taught me to write and write for many years. And because of this, I am certain that I have been molded to excel in this field. And the last reason is all about freedom. For me, nothing is more important than freedom in every work. I can attest that freedom is the best thing that happened to me from being a freelance writer besides money. I can work, take a break, and decide any time whenever I want to. And for this reason, I strongly believe that freedom is more essential than money. These three reasons made the determined and fulfilled freelance writer that I am right now.

Apparently, I get involved with this job not for money but because of the things I wanted to work with my way. Though having this job gave me a decent income, this was not basically the main reason because for as long as I am able to pay the things I need, that would be just fine.

When Quitting Freelance Writing becomes an Option

April 20, 2009| Category: Writing Tips

I have heard a lot of friends talking about their career and their dreams. Nowadays, it is really hard to find a good job. But still more and more of the people I know quit their job because of other opportunities that come their way or they just got tired of their routine. What is worse is, I also even got mails about people giving up their freelance writing career. They think that freelance writing is really not their calling no matter how hard they try to think of it as their passion. And because of that, they gamble onto another opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with quitting a job when you see another better opportunity ahead of you. Because if you just think that you are just tired of doing this kind of career, then it is better to just slow down and stay for a little while. Maybe it is just one of the dim parts of your career. Besides, everybody experiences that part in their career but it did not give them a reason to just give up.

Some freelance writers quit their job because of a better one. Other people look for security that is why they still choose those nine-to-five working hours. It is because of the wide array of freedom brought by freelance writing that caused writers to think of stability and security. But as long as you think that quitting your freelance writing career is the best thing you have to do, then do it because nothing is more important than your true happiness and satisfaction.

But then again, some freelance writers quit their job because they think that they failed their expectations. This is a very disappointing fact because they are the ones who are close to the cup of success but chose to quit for some shallow reasons. You might think that it is already the turning point of your freelance writing career, but all you need is more patience to stick to your job. Definitely, moving on from freelance writing is not a bad thing for as long as there is a better opportunity ahead of everything.

Time Management Skills: Essential for Freelance Writers

April 15, 2009| Category: Writer Jobs

People who have jobs as freelance writers must have time management skills; this is very important. If you are able to handle your time effectively, you will be able to become more successful than those who struggle with time management. Essentially, time management skills are very vital for freelance writers who want to have long-term success. This may be something that you may not handle easily early on the job. Luckily, this can be developed over time.

The way writers like you manage schedules is very significant. If you are a disorganized person, you will most probably observe that it is hard to get work done. Some may go as far as feeling like their career is out of control. In contrast, freelance writers with excellent skills in time management can move from one task to another very rapidly. When the day ends, writers like these can simply look back and see all the work that they have completed.

Is the ability to have good time management skills something that you can develop? Of course it is. As mentioned earlier, you may not be very good in managing your time early in your career; this is very common. Of course, you are new to this job and you are not very sure about the things that you are going to face. This includes the things to be done and your own priorities. But as time goes by, you will learn to manage your time better.

Do not take this lightly at all. A lot of people who read this and similar articles may think that time management is something that is overrated. Indeed, it is discussed in many places. However, each and every writer should remember that there are only a few working hours in a single day. Because of that, you should remember that you should be able to maximize every minute that you use in front of your computer. Indeed, once you learn to effectively manage your time, then you will have better chances at reaching both short and long term goals

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