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How to Write Elegantly: Tips towards Successful Academic Writing

June 30, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

If you are interested in improving your academic writing skills, then you will definitely find this post useful as it contains many great tips on how to excel in writing. 

There is hardly a student who wouldn’t like to be an expert professional in academic writing. Such skills would definitely bring him/ her a great step closer to academic success. When one has excellent writing skills, he/ she can write impressive papers and get excellent marks for all types of academic papers.

Nonetheless, it is a generally known fact that academic writing may turn out really challenging and complicated for most students. Apart from being knowledgeable in the sphere of writing, a student has to dedicate much time and great effort in order to master the art of writing. It takes great perseverance, patience, and resilience to make your writing perfect. Actually, if you want to write academic papers and further publish them in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, then you should be aware of the fact that it will take you much time to get to understand the basics of proper academic citation styles and formatting.

In this article, you will find invaluable information that will help you grasp the core tips on successful academic writing.

  • Do not use quotes on their own

Whenever you choose to add quotes in your writing, make sure that they are used in context, i.e. explanation or interpretation is required. You cannot use a quote pertaining to one point and then move directly to the next aspect. When you use quotes, it means that you provide an illustration or an example to the idea that you have formulated on your own. Only under such circumstances will your paper be logical and focused.

  • Treat other scholars’ opinions respectfully

As you gather information for your academic paper, you will surely come across scholarly opinions that do not coincide with your own one. Still, it does not mean that you should ignore such opinions or be judgmental about them. Actually, even the contrary opinion can add great value to your argumentation. In particular, you can provide the contrary argument and then refute it, thus pinpointing to why your opinion is more convincing or why it has the right for existence. If you have taken such a source for your annotated bibliography, you may just respectfully mention why such an opinion is not appropriate for your paper or your area of research.

  • Include relevant supporting evidence for your topic

If you want your central argument to be convincing to your target audience, make sure to use adequate supporting data and examples. The most important thing is to make sure that your audience accepts your viewpoint. As such, use appropriate examples and back-up argumentation to support your topic.

  • Convey your position to the reader

Even though you may think that you are narrating about some evident things, your readers might be totally lost in the topic. Therefore, make sure you provide sufficient background information and clearly state what you intend to communicate across. You should understand your readers and the possibility that they may be totally unaware of your topic.

  • Be as clear as possible when conveying your point

The choice of proper vocabulary actually makes a difference. Many students think that academic language is high-brow language and that they need to learn to communicate their ideas in a highly sophisticated way. However, the success of academic writing is exactly the opposite – the matter is not to convey the message in complicated words, but on the other hand – to make a complex idea sound as simple as possible. Therefore, if you still think that academic writing is complex writing, it’s high time to re-estimate your ideas.

The ideas and tips presented above will assist you in creating a successful academic paper. Still, if you feel unconfident about providing a high-quality paper on your own, feel free to contact a reliable writing service. With expert assistance of a professional writer or a well-qualified editor, you will surely greatly improve your paper.