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The Best Tips for Writing a Perfect Essay if You Are in a Hurry: Part 1

January 16, 2019| Category: Writing Tips

Sometimes it is necessary to write a work very quickly. This situation is familiar to many young people. The main thing here is not to despair, but to assess your capabilities and begin to solve the accumulated problems.


Tricks of Devising an Argumentative Paper

January 3, 2019| Category: Writing Tips

Understanding the notion

This type of writing requires the person to make a thorough exploration of an issue. The writer is expected to collect relevant evidence and evaluate it. Afterward, it is vital to present a personal position regarding the topic.


Things to Remember When Writing a Doctoral Dissertation

December 14, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Things to Remember When Writing a Doctoral Dissertation

A couple of years of intense work on your topic are behind, but the last months are the most strained and exhausting. Hurried and desperate attempts start to remain the acts ofinsanity. Is such a situation familiar to you? We have compiled a list of ideasof how to proceed with a balanced working regime and finally introduce anaccomplished written piece.


How to Improve Your Writing Skills

December 3, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Modern students are often faced with the task of writing an essay. However, not all learners know how to write papers properly. Here are some tips to help you become successful in college and get high grades. (more…)

The Essence of the Text Structure

November 15, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

The reason for the occurrence of structural errors is ignorance by the compiler of the composition or structure of the text. The structure of the text is a way of formalizing the content of the information contained therein, the sequence of the arrangement of the constituent parts (aspects) of the document. (more…)

Handy Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Essay

October 31, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

An argumentative essay is a typical assignment, which college students have to deal with while pursuing their academic careers. Although there are various types of an argumentative essay, the bedrock is the same: the writer must research a problem, take a stance on it and dig up as much evidence as possible to back up the overall claim. (more…)

What Secret Capabilities Does a Successful Academic Writer Possess?

October 16, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

It is likely that the fate holds a great number of academic writing assignments in store for you. Throughout your writing career, you’ll be completing dissertations, reports and theses. The difficulties you may face concern stress with delivering a paper in time, following the instructions of a task, formatting or making the content catching. We would like to suggest you some tips to improve your writing skills, with which you will recognize your strengths and will have a possibility to get rid of your weaknesses. (more…)

Why Everyone Needs to Master Academic Writing?

September 30, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Although we write on a daily basis either on various media platforms or in a notebook, we know practically nothing about academic writing since it’s a considerably higher level of writing expertise. Unfortunately, educational syllabuses don’t pay much attention to mastering this skill. (more…)

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