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What Secret Capabilities Does a Successful Academic Writer Possess?

October 16, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

It is likely that the fate holds a great number of academic writing assignments in store for you. Throughout your writing career, you’ll be completing dissertations, reports and theses. The difficulties you may face concern stress with delivering a paper in time, following the instructions of a task, formatting or making the content catching. We would like to suggest you some tips to improve your writing skills, with which you will recognize your strengths and will have a possibility to get rid of your weaknesses. (more…)

Why Everyone Needs to Master Academic Writing?

September 30, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Although we write on a daily basis either on various media platforms or in a notebook, we know practically nothing about academic writing since it’s a considerably higher level of writing expertise. Unfortunately, educational syllabuses don’t pay much attention to mastering this skill. (more…)

Key Elements of Academic Language

September 17, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

When using academic language, it is extremely important to remember that it has to be straightforward, formal, precise, as well as analytical and objective in its nature. Frequently, students assume that academic language presupposes flowery phrases and complex syntactical structures, but this is an erroneous conception that can lead to a number of flaws in writing. In reality, academic language is characterized by conciseness and clarity that help to get your point across in the best way possible. (more…)

Key Features of the Academic Writing Style

August 31, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Writing in the academic style requires observing a certain set of rules and conventions. Here are some of the most essential points.


5 Ingredients for Efficient Academic Paper Writing

August 15, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Writing an academic paper is not necessarily difficult to deal with. There are a lot of handy tips and step-by-step guidelines on the web that will surely make your writing process way easier. (more…)

How to Evaluate Academic Sources Properly

July 31, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Evaluating your academic sources is as crucial as writing a paper or orchestrating a scientific project itself.  If you choose dubious sources of information, you may jeopardize the entire work, because it can be dismissed, especially if the target audience includes not only students but also representatives of academia. Thus, it is critical to make sure that sources you fall back on are credible and can serve as a solid theoretical framework for your research. Not sure if the literature you have selected is suitable? Here are seven things you should pay attention to while vetting your academic sources. (more…)

Tips to Prepare Yourself for Academic Article Submission to a Scientific Journal

July 15, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

Publication of academic articles in peer-reviewed journals is a huge step towards the advancement of students’ academic progress. Another benefit is that it helps to move up the career ladder by obtaining necessary skills and competencies. Moreover, working on scientific articles enables you to get expertise in your major or in a specific research field. (more…)

How to Write Elegantly: Tips towards Successful Academic Writing

June 30, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

If you are interested in improving your academic writing skills, then you will definitely find this post useful as it contains many great tips on how to excel in writing.  (more…)

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