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When Quitting Freelance Writing becomes an Option

April 20, 2009| Category: Writing Tips

I have heard a lot of friends talking about their career and their dreams. Nowadays, it is really hard to find a good job. But still more and more of the people I know quit their job because of other opportunities that come their way or they just got tired of their routine. What is worse is, I also even got mails about people giving up their freelance writing career. They think that freelance writing is really not their calling no matter how hard they try to think of it as their passion. And because of that, they gamble onto another opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with quitting a job when you see another better opportunity ahead of you. Because if you just think that you are just tired of doing this kind of career, then it is better to just slow down and stay for a little while. Maybe it is just one of the dim parts of your career. Besides, everybody experiences that part in their career but it did not give them a reason to just give up.

Some freelance writers quit their job because of a better one. Other people look for security that is why they still choose those nine-to-five working hours. It is because of the wide array of freedom brought by freelance writing that caused writers to think of stability and security. But as long as you think that quitting your freelance writing career is the best thing you have to do, then do it because nothing is more important than your true happiness and satisfaction.

But then again, some freelance writers quit their job because they think that they failed their expectations. This is a very disappointing fact because they are the ones who are close to the cup of success but chose to quit for some shallow reasons. You might think that it is already the turning point of your freelance writing career, but all you need is more patience to stick to your job. Definitely, moving on from freelance writing is not a bad thing for as long as there is a better opportunity ahead of everything.