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The Need for Tracking Your Own Freelance Writing Income

August 18, 2009| Category: Careers in Writing

If you are a freelance writer, then it is not new to you talking about your income and anything that has something to do with it. Freelance writing is a good job. And if you take this career, then it is also good for you to track your income as a freelance online writer. Here are some answers why you should track the fruit of your efforts.

First, it is important to track your income to process your tax. Since you are in charge of your own job, then it is also expected that you are in charge of any tax purposes you need to avail. Unlike being under a company where your salary has already been deducted with some taxes, in your case as a freelance writer, you have to track you income whether in a local or federal level quarterly.

Next is for you to set your own goal. It is best to set both short and long term income goals. By not setting your goals, you will never know when you are about to finish it. Of course you must also remember that each goal must also come along with your will power and determination.

And lastly, is motivation. Motivation keeps you going in doing your job. At the end of the month you will be able to keep track on your income as well as the things that go along with it. In this way, you will also determine on how to still improve your income for the next couple of months. It will also help you enhance more on the quality of your work as well as motivate you to work harder to earn more money.

All these things are very important for you to keep track on your income. It will not only secure your stability, but it will also help you to keep things up. At least you now have ideas that will secure every dollar you earn. By doing so, you are avoiding yourself from making a huge mistake of throwing your money without any compensation.