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The Ways to Begin the Concluding Paragraph

August 18, 2017| Category: Freelance Writing, Writing Tips

The conclusion is aimed at tying all the ideas of an essay in a single unity to make the reader understand your point of view. A successful conclusion may be written if the following tips are followed.

  • Outline a Concluding Paragraph

  1. Go over the thesis statement. An excellent thesis statement is very important for an excellent conclusion. Getting down to writing the conclusion, re-read the arguments making sure it does not lack coherence. A good conclusion must be clear to the readers. An efficient way of deciding whether the conclusion makes sense is reading it aloud.
  2. Support the conclusion with examples. A good conclusion serves at reminding the readers of the strength of your argument. The effect is achieved by supporting it with specific examples. A quote is a good means of supporting the idea. It may as well be the quotation of a famous person. A good idea for concluding an essay is to use a relevant anecdote.
  3. Conclude by summarizing the main ideas. Whatever the topic might be, a good conclusion summarizes all the paragraphs of an essay reminding the readers of each argument. Synthesizing is a way of summarizing the ideas by their deep analysis. A concluding paragraph is where you make the readers see how different ideas correlate and get connected.
  4. Impress the readers. Getting down to writing the conclusion, you should see whether your argument is clearly stated. Look through the main points to make sure they all are mentioned in the conclusion. Make sure your concluding paragraph provides the explanation of the significance of the topic.
  • How to Start a Concluding Paragraph    

  1. Give the feeling of the finish. The readers must understand that they have come to the end of your essay. To allow the readers to feel the moment of closure, you need to follow certain tips. Firstly, make connections between the introduction and the conclusion. Thus, you “bookend” the topic of your paper. Secondly, consider using a quotation or some facts which you have mentioned in the essay.
  2. Suggest the next steps. A concluding paragraph might not be decisive, giving the readers some prompts for future actions. There can be suggested a solution to a certain problem or a reference to broader or more general subjects.
  3. Make sure your language is not complicated. The main point of the conclusion is its being clear and relevant. Do not use long complex sentences in the concluding paragraph. A good idea is to start the conclusion with the words which are composed of one syllable.
  4. Support your conclusion with context. The argument is understood much better if there is the context provided. A good way to do this is to highlight the significance of the argument exposed in the essay enabling the readers to grab the exact message of the essay. The importance of the essay topic is also explained by the context.
  5. Demonstrate your creativity. As the readers reach the essay conclusion, they understand it is actually a conclusion. Thus, it is not necessary to state what is implied. Think of the clichés different than “To conclude” to conclude your essay.
  • Make the Paper Polished.

  1. Transitions are important. Make sure the parts of your essay are properly linked with the help of linking words. There are numerous linkers to introduce a new argument, to compare or contrast, to express the opinion, etc.
  2. Be careful while editing. Having finished writing, re-read the essay carefully to make sure there are no mistakes in spelling and grammar. Proofread the essay to see if it is comprehensible. Shorten the paragraphs if necessary. Reading aloud is a good way to spot the omitted mistakes.
  3. Make sure the essay meets the requirements. Having finished writing, take some time to be sure that all the requirements have been met. Consider the number of pages, as it is important. Make sure the format of your essay corresponds to the specifications. If Times New Roman is a required font, make sure your essay is written in it. Follow the procedure of submission as required. Having been asked to submit the paper written on paper and in an electronic version, do as required.