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The Essence of the Text Structure

November 15, 2018| Category: Writing Tips

The reason for the occurrence of structural errors is ignorance by the compiler of the composition or structure of the text. The structure of the text is a way of formalizing the content of the information contained therein, the sequence of the arrangement of the constituent parts (aspects) of the document.

The most rational recognized structure of the text consists of three main parts. The first part (introduction) describes the facts and events that have become the pretext for writing the text; the second part (the body of the text) is the consideration of problem question. The last paragraph (conclusions) contains the results of the study and recommendations.

Lack of Logic

One of the main mistakes associated with the structure of the essay is the lack of logical links in the text. The author should begin work with some problematic issue. The purpose of the paper is to find solutions to the problem. As a result, the researcher must find ways to solve the issue. However, quite often writers deviate from the topic. They saturate their texts with unnecessary additions and secondary facts. The result is that their works do not have a logical goal. As usual, such essays do not carry informational value, since the result of their writing is not a search for an answer to a problem question. They are collections of individual facts that are not related to each other.

Common Mistakes

The main structural mistakes consist in the incorrect construction of the text of the document and disproportionate arrangement of its parts. Each aspect of the content should occupy a specific place in the logical structure of the document and not coincide with another aspect. At the same time, it is important to know the rules of selection, construction of the paragraph and the connection of sentences in the paragraph.

It is recommended to start a new paragraph for each aspect of the content. A typical paragraph consists of three parts: the introduction of the paragraph, the abstract phrase, and the commentary part. The abstract phrase contains the basic paragraph information. The commentary part summarizes what is said before and it is entered in such words as therefore, as a result of this, etc. The average length of a paragraph is about 4-6 sentences, but paragraphs that consist of one sentence are allowed too.

The compositional homogeneity of the document is determined by the sequence of the presentation of the content, the location of the material, the nature and extent of the information included in the text. Correct perception of the paper is achieved through a compact and concise presentation of the subject matter. The introductory part of the work should not reflect the general provisions. In the content, you need to highlight the main thing, and details. Each argument needs to be supplemented with important facts and data.

The Types of the Text Structure

To date, there are three widely used ways of presenting the text. One of the most common types is the narration, which is characterized by a chronological sequence of presentation, the absence of any estimates, the unbiased statement and the probability of the facts. In addition, a form of description is also used, in which facts are evaluated and characterized, indicating the characteristics and key features that are important for solving a particular issue. Reflection is a way of expressing ideas in which propositions and conclusions are made on the basis of facts.

These are the basic concepts that you need to know in order to build a text properly. Remember these definitions and examples of the most common mistakes to learn how to create good essays.