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The Best Tips for Writing a Perfect Essay if You Are in a Hurry: Part 2

January 31, 2019| Category: Writing Tips

9. Maintain your writing style concise and logical

Do not try to write long-winded sentences and avoid flowery speech. Being sophisticated in writing is definitely not the best tip when it comes to academic writing. In addition, your piece of writing will be more valued if you express your thoughts in a clear and comprehensive manner. Develop your thoughts concisely and logically and make sure the core idea/ message is easy to convey.

10. Try to switch readers’ attention in the process of writing

If you have a long essay to write, especially a narrative one, try to switch readers’ attention from one scene to another. This advice also comes in handy when you have difficulties in writing the essay and keeping yourself focused. If you are bored writing about the same things, try to switch your focus to some other aspect or issue. If it is done in a logical manner, the readers will not be dumbstruck with the change of events.

11. Make a pause

The process of writing is tiresome and it requires a lot of energy and diligence. Therefore, it is necessary to take breaks if you need to refresh your attention span. Besides, breaks help you be more organized, effective, and focused. If you have three hours to write an essay, try to take short breaks after each hour of writing. This technique will definitely boost your productivity and concentration.

12. Do not try to deceive your professor by some clichéd tricks

Do not think that your essay will become longer only because you increase all margins or font size. Professors will spot it at first sight whenever the essay is poorly formatted. You will only annoy your professor if you do such things.

13. You can definitely use Google for researching the topic fast

Many students have the idea that using Google will be frowned upon by professors. Still, who told you that you cannot view some scholarly articles online? It is perfectly OK to use online sources as long as they are credible and updated. For example, Google Scholar is the best option for you to research some topic.

Even if you do not use Google Scholar, you can still use Google for reading some information that will enable you to have the general notion of your topic (if it is totally new for you or if you are not good at it). You will not surely cite Wikipedia or some other sources found via Google in your papers, but you can definitely read them and expand your outlook.

14. Make sure you eat enough and are hydrated

Although this tip does not relate directly to writing, it is really essential. If you sit for a long time writing your paper, make sure you restore your energy balance with proper nutrition. Drink enough water and eat well in order to feel good and be concentrated. Make sure you prepare some snacks in advance if you know that you will spend a few hours studying.

15. Keep a reward for yourself

If you find some piece of writing really awful and tedious, keep yourself motivated: come up with a reward for yourself. It can be something tasty, some product or service you have always wanted to buy, some extra hours of sleep, some free time, some activity, etc. If you have worked intensively and effectively, you surely deserve some reward.