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The Art of Meeting Deadlines

December 2, 2016| Category: Freelance Writing, Writing Tips

A tardy freelance writer who often fails to meet the deadlines can be compared to a broken wheel of a bicycle or another vehicle that as a rule is quickly replaced. Thus, meeting deadlines is of crucial importance for those online writers who do not want to get a penalty, but keen appreciation and positive recognition of their merits instead. Planning ahead and being well-organized are two key factors that will help you to achieve your goals. You may object saying that you’ve heard such things like a hundred times yourself, but what about some decisive steps that will bring you closer to your aim? Well, here’s a list of some tried and true strategies that will surely help online writers to submit their papers on time.

picture of boss and worker at work having conflict

picture of boss and worker at work having conflict

  1. Create a due list of all projects and deadlines. Meeting deadlines is a lot like playing chess. A good chess player will think over five moves ahead; a bad one will concentrate on the current one only. So, if you keep in mind all your projects at once, there’s little chance any of them is forgotten, and thus, submitted after the expiration of a deadline. As a bonus, you’ll be able to plan a day or two before the submission to add some finishing touches and to polish your paper to perfection. What is more, such tactic is an excellent way to avoid stress because all your projects are properly planned, and everything is under control.
  2. Schedule your tasks and get started. Have a look at the list of projects that have to be completed. How much time will it take to have each one done? Identify the action plan and include extensive research of every topic, which at times is time-consuming. Make the tasks specific and achievable. Even if you do just a little bit of the whole task, you’ll know that now you’re closer to handing in the paper on time, and you’ve got nothing to be anxious about.
  3. Break the task down into smaller parts. As soon as you received your academic assignment, the right time to get started is that very day. Do not simply mark the final deadline red in your calendar. It’s much better to break the task into some smaller parts and set oneself some mini-deadlines. Working to shorter deadlines will allow proper planning and effective time management. What’s even more, having all them met, there won’t be any chances for being late with the paper left.
  4. Block off all distractions. There should not be any excused for not meeting even the mini-deadlines. Thus, devote the needed amount of time to each part of the project no matter what other plans you’ve already had for the day. Treat the deadlines like a doctor’s appointments, and you simply can’t miss them. If you’ve planned something badly or just procrastinated, do whatever it takes to keep up with the project. Being a freelance writer also means staying up late as well as working long hours when necessary.
  5. Reward yourself. Knowing that if all deadlines are met, you’ll be able to obtain and enjoy a well-deserved reward in the end, will surely encourage most of you to spare no efforts in having all the projects done in a timely manner. Is it a romantic dinner, a new accessory or a bar of your favorite chocolate? If necessary, write the presents down under each project to have stronger motivation.

If you lack self-discipline, enlist a partner who will help you cope with procrastination at first. No matter what strategies you use to meet the deadlines or run away from them, the deadline will come anyway and you’ll have to face the consequences. Why struggle over the project burning the midnight oil if everything can be planned and managed promptly? Master the art of meeting even the toughest deadlines and make your life easier and plain sailing!