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Reasonable Freelance Writing Goals

July 18, 2009| Category: Careers in Writing

Many people who want to enter the writing industry ask me several kinds of questions. Most of these questions are all about income. More concretely, they like to ask the amount of money a person can earn and how much income is reasonable for a writer. Actually, it is quite difficult for me to tell others what is reasonable when it comes to the amount of money that a freelance writer can earn. The reason for this is that each writer is different from the other and deals with things uniquely. For example, a person who only writes on his or her free time might not have the same goals as someone who does the job on a full-time basis.

But to give a more suitable answer, I guess that the goal of a freelance writer should be based on figures that he or she is comfortable at achieving. This goal should also give the writer en ought money to cover personal needs. In other words, you have to be very realistic when setting goals in writing. As a newbie to freelance writing, you might have fantasies of earning as much as $1,000 in a single month. In real life, people do not reach this level o income unless they are more established. At the same time, writers need to consider the amount of money that they need to get by. You need to think of the expenses that you incur in a month. After seeing this figure, you should know the level of your income goal.

You should also remember what your income goal is every time you write. Keep in mind that your goals can also change with time. In my own career, initially I just wanted to make a few extra incomes to see and test out what I could do. From there, I shifted my focus and turned my goals. Eventually I began to earn as much as my last full-time job. In the present time, my income goals are much higher than what I thought they could be!

Hopefully, the things that I have told you can give you a much better idea of how to set reasonable goals in your freelance writing income. One thing to remember is not to allow other people to influence your goals. Your goals should ultimately be based on your own capabilities, comfort level, and the amount of cash you need for sustenance.