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Plagiarism Is a Type of Theft

January 24, 2017| Category: Freelance Writing, Writing Tips

Imagine yourself walking around the shopping mall. Whenever you find something that attracts you, the only possible way of obtaining such thing is purchasing it. You cannot just grab the thing you like and walk away since this will be regarded as theft. Plagiarism is a type of intellectual theft, when you attempt borrowing other people’s ideas. In other words, this is stealing somebody else’s ideas.

4writers_Plagiarism Is A Type Of Theft

Idea as a type of property

In order to create something unique and special, we have to think a lot, brainstorm the various sources and analyze the information carefully. When all these steps are done, it is quite likely we are going to come up with a unique idea that belongs to nobody else, only us. When this is applied to scholars and scientists, they go further and spend time organizing ideas into the articles and scientific works. Such works, as the huge combinations of ideas, become the intellectual property of the people who created them. Once you as a writer will attempt to copy such ideas or entire articles, this will become plagiarism.  Since all the unique ideas and concepts belong only to their authors, you should not copy anything without acknowledging them. Using ideas is possible only if certain rules are followed and authors are properly mentioned. Therefore, it is your task as a writer to be fully aware of all the rules and regulations that exist in academic writing.

Unpleasant surprise for the customers

Imagine you are working on a hot assignment with limited timeframes and you lack resources for competing this assignment properly. There is no way out as for browsing the internet and looking for the information there. Luckily, you have found an article that talks directly about the necessary issues and has no referencing information in it. You make a courageous step and copy the part of intellectual property of the author, submit your work and customer gets it. He is in the rush to submit the article and get the highest grade possible. Currently, all the papers are submitted electronically, even if there is a demand to print them out. This means that the assignment will go through Turnitin or a similar checker, and your customer will be charged with the breach of academic integrity since stealing of the information from the article will be detected. In the case of the positive outcome, the customer will remain the student in his institution, while the worse outcome will be him being expelled. In any case, the customer will not continue cooperation with you as a writer anymore – nobody would like to risk his/her academic success because of the potential risks of plagiarism. Customer may leave the negative feedback about your work and might even demand the money back. So before you try to plagiarize, think whether the outcome is worth your efforts.


It does not matter whether you work on a small one-page paper or a fifty-page dissertation since you should always provide unique and authentic information that is absolutely plagiarism-free. In any case, you should ensure that the writing belongs only to you, and you may only refer to some authors, yet keeping the most part of the content absolutely original. Ensuring the assignment you complete is totally plagiarism-free also means customer satisfaction. It is vitally important to understand that customers return only to those writers who satisfy them and provide unique content. Thus please make sure you always do your best to provide topnotch quality papers that are perfectly relevant to the topic and contain no plagiarism.