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Part-time Career in Freelance Writing

June 26, 2009| Category: Writer Jobs

I admit that it is definitely the best decision of my career move in working as a full-time freelance writer. However time is a luxury that most of the people do not have. So it would be better for them to work part-time if they cannot work on a full-time basis. They can always have freelance writing as their part-time job if they want to. But working part-time should also have some things to remember.

First is that you have to gain a lot of energy if you are planning to get a part-time freelance writing job aside from your full-time job. This is a very tiring routine because if you will add other aspects of your life like family, you need to be very careful no to be exhausted. I experienced this one and believe me, it was never easy from the start. I had to make a lot of adjustments in the beginning.

Next is that you can earn money but it is not advisable to engage a part-time job when you need a full-time payment to provide your needs and wants. I know some part-time workers who make money but bear in mind that when you work less hours then that would usually mean for a less compensation.

And lastly you also need to think about accounting and marketing. Some part-time freelance writers are often mistaken because of what they are doing. They just keep on writing without considering other factors such as marketing and accounting. Selling out and paying for your taxes are just few of the things you have to consider that goes along with your work in being a freelance writer.

If you are now working as a part-time freelance writer and eventually decided to take a full-time career, then it is an advantage for you since you already got the experience. The information above will help you whenever you are about to or already taking a part-time freelance writing career. These things will provide you ideas that will help you in your online writing job.