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Comparing jobs-freelance writer vs corporate

March 10, 2008| Category: Freelance Writing

If you work as a full-time freelance writer or if you wish to compare your last-office job and free lance job you would find that free lance job is in fact as excellent job to take on and it is also an excellent career option where you would be able to control your own business! This provides an excellent opportunity for you to earn a lot for all the hard work you put! When you wish to compare a life of a freelance writer and that of a person working in an office you would spot lots of differences. The following would list the main set of differences:

1. You would be able to stay in control and this is the most important aspect of freelance writing. A freelance writer would be having the control to take every decision of his life. This is in fact a great power for those who are caught in the clutches of their boss. This sort of convenience cannot be definitely obtained in an office job and hence for the power of taking your own decisions this job is preferred by many people.

2. Freelance jobs would definitely able to get you more money than your regular job. But the only thing is that you will have to wait with lots of patience in order to achieve this goal. It would definitely take a few months in order to earn the same money as that you had earned in your previous job. Hence it is required for an individual to be patient.

3. Another aspect is freedom and this job definitely provides more freedom than any other career. You are given the privilege of any time you choose. One can choose their own vacation and time of work! This is the greatest privilege which is considered the best of all the advantages of freelance writing.

It is often better to look back the path that you had travelled to reach the place! This would certainly help you to correct your mistakes and to achieve the best in freelance writing!