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My Freelance Writing Journey

May 3, 2009| Category: Dissertation Advice

It took me a long time for me to say that my freelance writing career is the best decision that I made in my entire life. A lot of reasons brought me into my freelance writing career and I can say that everything I have done in the previous years was worth it. But for new freelance writers that I once was, entering this kind of career is full of uncertainties. Of course you cannot deny the fact that you are still on your way building your career path.

There are three reasons that brought me into freelance writing. First, I wanted things to go my way. In other words, I am the boss. For how many years of working with and for other people, it made me realize that I can do things better alone. When you are involved in a freelance writing work, you have the privilege to manipulate things. You are in charge of everything. Though it is such a huge responsibility, this thing is very fulfilling and makes me feel great. Second, I got a degree in Journalism that taught me to write and write for many years. And because of this, I am certain that I have been molded to excel in this field. And the last reason is all about freedom. For me, nothing is more important than freedom in every work. I can attest that freedom is the best thing that happened to me from being a freelance writer besides money. I can work, take a break, and decide any time whenever I want to. And for this reason, I strongly believe that freedom is more essential than money. These three reasons made the determined and fulfilled freelance writer that I am right now.

Apparently, I get involved with this job not for money but because of the things I wanted to work with my way. Though having this job gave me a decent income, this was not basically the main reason because for as long as I am able to pay the things I need, that would be just fine.