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How You will Know if Freelance Writing Marketing Plan is Profitable

June 27, 2008| Category: Writing Tips

If you are interested to know if your marketing plan for freelance writing is successful, you should then be interested in the number of clients that you regularly have. These two kinds of data are interrelated in a way that your marketing plan is supposed to get you new clients. When you do not have them as yet after you have done promotional efforts, you might seriously consider checking your marketing plan again. If you are gaining new clients, then your promotional efforts have succeeded.

There are numerous ways by which you can promote your writing services. Freelance writers around the world have different strategies implemented to gain access to the minds of the market and to occupy a position in these minds. Some writers would patiently go about cold calling different companies wherever they are in the world. Others would also send cold emails to as many contacts as they can access. All these efforts are done to get the attention of potential clients.

If you have followed a marketing plan dutifully and you have unfortunately not succeeded still, you should bear in mind that a marketing plan does not guarantee success. Instead, the best thing that you should do is to change some things in the marketing plan. You have to make sure that your plan is updated based on the current environment in the field of writing. As long as you have done the right adjustments, you may succeed this time around.

Your marketing plan for freelance writing should be carefully monitored, especially the results of each planned promotional gimmick. This is one way to let you see what promotions you should keep and what you should discard and replace. For instance, if you have gained clients with the help of cold calling, it will be worth it if you keep on doing it.

The success and failure of a marketing plan can make or break your career in writing. The moment that you find a method that is profitable, do not let this go and instead, muster all the efforts that you can to keep on doing this one.