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How Can You Increase Your Freelance Writing Income

March 23, 2009| Category: Careers in Writing

Who does not want an increase in their income?

Everyone would want an increase and only very few would not want it. Whatever job it is that you have, you really want to look for other means that can help you earn more.

As for freelance writing, there are some ways that you can consider for you to increase your profit. You can consider some projects or tasks that are related to your work. You can also consider some that are quite far off from the nature of your work but is still accessible for you. Here are few of the things that you can consider to increase your income:
1. Ask for an increase in pay
You can ask your clients for an increase in pay. Though it may be difficult to ask, you might even be surprised that some of your clients are willing to give you a raise. Clients can be very grateful if they see that you have rendered them with impressive projects from before. If you are confident about your work from the past, then this would be the best solution for you to increase your income.
2. Take more writing tasks
This is the usual solution that most freelance writers opt for when they need additional income. It is even the very obvious solution since you will certainly have additional income if you seek for more work. But still, you should have a clear management of your time so that you can entertain more freelance writing tasks. If not, the quality of your projects will be jeopardized.
3. Consider other income-generating tasks

It does not mean that if you are a freelancer, you will just stick to this kind of job. There are many opportunities in the Web that you can consider so that you can increase your income. For example, there are some writers who sell their products, usually ebooks, through their blogs or some Web programs.
There can be many solutions to increase your income. You just need the initiative and will to make it happen. After all, if you do not do anything, you will not achieve what you want.