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Getting Your First Client

December 1, 2008| Category: Writer Jobs

During your first day as a freelance writer, you might feel fidgety and nervous with doubts as to your ability of finding a client. This is normal though for it is quite difficult to convince anybody with your service if you do not have something to show as yet. However, days later, you will find your first client and as long as you give your best, you will be surprised of the workload that will keep on coming.

Here are some tips for your freelance writing career that will help you find your first client:
1. Be patient. This virtue is necessary in this job. You should learn to wait when you might have your first client. Even if you may encounter several failures along the way, you should tell yourself that your first client will come and give way to more clients. If you are lucky, you may have your first client on your first day or you may find one after just a few weeks. Just be optimistic and do not give up easily.
2. Explore more avenues to find your first client. Use every way that you know of how to find your first client. You should be resourceful in doing so. If you can, you should exhaust all means available. You can use the Internet for online freelance writing jobs. You should also do cold calling, cold emailing, join bidding sites, and more. If it seems like your first client is hard to find, you should all the more exert efforts in your search. Search every corner that there is in the writing world.

The search for your first client is really difficult. You may even contemplate about giving up on your future in the freelance writing career. However, this might be the right time for you to start building up on your career. You should just be flexible enough in finding ways by which you can reach out more to your market. Learn to adjust your marketing plan to fit in new promotions, as you see appropriate.

Freelance writing will become easier once you have already found your first client.