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Why Being a Freelance Writer Is a Good Option?

November 7, 2016| Category: Careers in Writing, Freelance Writing, Writer Jobs

Working in the office has many benefits: you socialize with colleagues, have corporative parties, have a fixed working schedule (in many cases), etc. however, many people disregard this opportunity and opt for freelance job, especially freelance writing. Why is it so? Isn’t that strange? In fact, it is not. Being a freelance writer is a good option, especially for those who want to have a total control over their income and time devoted to work. (more…)

5 Tips for Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

November 4, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Has it ever happened that you struggled to create a PowerPoint presentation but have not succeeded? Have you ever felt fear or anxiety when just heard your PPT assignment? Have you always been harassed simply thinking of making PowerPoint slides? In fact, it can happen to everyone. So, here are several tips that help you in writing a professional PPT. (more…)

How to Write an Outline

October 31, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Planning is an important part of writing a paper. Once you have the topic, you need to think what you will write about and how you will organize your writing. Organization is essential as good ideas are worth nothing is they are scattered on the page without any logic. The reader won’t understand what you want to say and the purpose of your writing will fail. For this reason, you need to devote some time to the outline before proceeding with the essay. Check the following recommendations as to writing an outline. (more…)

How to Write a Comparative Essay

October 28, 2016| Category: Freelance Writing, Writing Tips

Whenever you are asked to compare and contrast two things, first and foremost, you need to do your research and learn in depth about the items you are comparing. The undeniable truth is that “writing comes more easily when you have something to say” (Karl Kraus). (more…)

Topic Sentence: A Plan for Writing

October 24, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Writing essays is a difficult and lengthy procedure. The Internet is full of post about essay writing in general. Essay structure is also a popular topic, which you can find online. However, many students still make many mistakes in writing a topic sentence. (more…)

Tips for Writing a Conclusion

October 21, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Writing a conclusion might seem a simple task: you have written the article, so now you just need to briefly tell what it is about. Many students think so and that is what makes them fail their papers. A good conclusion deserves devoting some time to as well as good introduction or body does. (more…)

How to Structure Your Essay Properly?

October 18, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

To make your paper fascinating and logical, it should be well-structured. It’s like building a house or creating a movie. In general, introduction, body, and conclusion are the core of any essay. Still, you should also note the specific assignment and important details while writing an essay. (more…)

How Writing Essays Makes My Life More Interesting Every Day

October 10, 2016| Category: Careers in Writing, Writing Tips

I have been working on multiple positions in the past years, but I could not stand staying in the same place and completing the same task over and over again for a long time. Therefore, I had to change a job and start looking for a new one every few months. Then I have come across this website and it changed my approach to work as a process. I cannot but share my feelings with you, so be ready to learn my story. (more…)

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