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What Sources Are Good for Academic Writing

November 28, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Every time working on the paper you are required to cite sources when you use statistics, graphs, or any illustration, paraphrase information or place a direct quotation. Citing is ethical and shows respect to authors who worked hard to publish their works. And there is one more important point you should always remember about – academic writing should be based on specific sources. So, here the question arises, what sources are good for academic writing? (more…)

How to Write a Good Abstract

November 25, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Abstract is a very important part of writing. Many students do not pay much attention to it, making a serious mistake. To understand the importance of writing, you should imagine the following situation. You are a teacher and you have 30-40 students. You have asked all your students to write a research paper. Each research paper should be at least 15-20 pages. When will you have time to check each of the papers? Of course, if it is some final project and students write it stage by stage, its length is 30-40 pages, you will check each your chapter, step by step. But in case all the research papers from 30-40 students are handed in simultaneously, do you really have time to read each paper? I am sure you are not. One more situation, imagine you are a professor and need to ask students to write a small essay of 5-6 pages. It’s seems not that difficult, right? But imagine you have 100-200 students. Will you cope with the task? I guess no.  (more…)

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography?

November 22, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Students have to write a lot of annotated bibliographies during studies, so it becomes quite an important type of paper to learn about. If you’re still wondering what an annotated bibliography is and what it includes, this post is for you. If you should do some research project, this article will also help you prepare for it. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources that are needed to explore some topic. It gives a brief summary of every source and evaluates its significance. Here is what you should do to write it properly. (more…)

Writing Can Be Fun: Tips to Boost Your Desire to Write

November 18, 2016| Category: Careers in Writing, Freelance Writing, Writer Jobs

Whenever one comes to a decision to start writing, there comes a challenge of defining whether one is capable of doing this kind of job and turning it from a hobby into a full-time employment. I believe this is absolutely possible; however, there is a need to define what motivates us to write and what drives our decisions. Therefore, I would like to share the tips for boosting your writing motivation. (more…)

5 Easy Ways to Build a Better Vocabulary

November 16, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Whether you’re already an experienced freelance writer, or simply want to become one by applying to online jobs, learning how to strengthen and expand your vocabulary can be an excellent and wise investment in your future career. Why should one improve their knowledge of the word usage? To express your thoughts clearly and concisely, better understand the ideas expressed by others, and finally, write and submit top quality papers crafted by a highly intelligent person. Besides, I guess everyone has experienced the frustration of not finding the right word immediately available between one’s ears. After all, language is power, and self-expression has to be every writer’s primary aim. (more…)

Freelance Writing: For and Against

November 11, 2016| Category: Careers in Writing, Freelance Writing, Writer Jobs

Freelance writing is one of the professions, which has received wide spread all over the world with the emergence of the Internet. Many people are involved in freelance writing and enjoy the process. However, there are also a number of those who have already tried freelance jobs and haven’t received any satisfaction. If you are looking for a job and have appeared in a doubtful situation, whether to become involved in freelance writing or adhere to the traditional office positons, this article is for you. The strongest for and against reasons will be discussed to help you decide what you are looking for. (more…)

Why Being a Freelance Writer Is a Good Option?

November 7, 2016| Category: Careers in Writing, Freelance Writing, Writer Jobs

Working in the office has many benefits: you socialize with colleagues, have corporative parties, have a fixed working schedule (in many cases), etc. however, many people disregard this opportunity and opt for freelance job, especially freelance writing. Why is it so? Isn’t that strange? In fact, it is not. Being a freelance writer is a good option, especially for those who want to have a total control over their income and time devoted to work. (more…)

5 Tips for Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

November 4, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Has it ever happened that you struggled to create a PowerPoint presentation but have not succeeded? Have you ever felt fear or anxiety when just heard your PPT assignment? Have you always been harassed simply thinking of making PowerPoint slides? In fact, it can happen to everyone. So, here are several tips that help you in writing a professional PPT. (more…)

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