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The Things that Hinder You and Your Freelance Writing

November 9, 2008| Category: Writing Tips

Taking the plunge and going for a full-time freelance writing career should be quite an exciting moment. Unfortunately, not very many people make it to this level. For a lot of reasons, they remain in their part-time positions. In some worse cases, they have given up their careers all in all. If you feel that something is holding you back from becoming a full-pledged freelance writer, then it is high time to make some drastic changes.

Among the many worries of freelance writers is fear. A lot of people are afraid to let go of the comforts that their nine to five jobs give. Are you afraid that the money that you will be earning will not be able to get you enough to stay afloat? These are some very common concerns. Fear is absolutely one thing that a lot of people will face if they are looking forward to becoming full-time freelance writers. However, you should also remember that this can be a great form of motivation at the same time.

Are you now ready? Some people have doubts about their readiness to become full-time freelance writers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these kinds of feelings. But you should also remember that you should be completely comfortable with your career decision. If something about your choice feels apprehensive for any reason, you should think twice and lean more to your part-time career for the mean time.

You should also never heed people who say that becoming a freelance writer full-time is a terrible choice. Believe me, a lot of people are sceptics when it comes to this. Some of them might even be the people who are close to you. Of course, you may want to hear them out; but it would up to you to make the final decision on the career path that you want to take. Of course, it would be undesirable if the person who makes the decision for your path is not yourself.

So what exactly is keeping you from taking the plunge? Once you find the specific problem, you can think of the best solution. There is a high chance that the thing holding you back is one very minor problem you can easily get over.