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How to Write an Excellent Argumentative Essay

July 14, 2017| Category: Freelance Writing, Writing Tips

The question that comes to the mind of most writers who have never written an argumentative essay is “What is it and how to write it?” The argumentative essay is a type of papers where you need to examine a certain topic by gathering evidence and establishing a position on this topic. Some writers confuse an argumentative essay with an expository essay since these two genres share many similarities. However, there are also important differences such as the amount of research. While an expository essay involves a little examination, an argumentative essay requires a profound detailed research. The writer has to collect information from a number of sources including surveys, experiments, and interviews to understand different opinions on the topic, choose a position, and come to a reasonable conclusion. Besides, an argumentative essay has to include a clear thesis statement and thorough reasoning.


If you want to make your argumentative essay outstanding, follow our tips listed below!

Tips on structuring an argumentative essay

  • A five-paragraph essay. Commonly, an argumentative essay is written using a five-paragraph approach. These paragraphs are introduction, three main body paragraphs (one of them can discuss opposing views), and conclusion. Of course, the structure is always determined by the assignment which means that it can require more than five paragraphs. However, the five-paragraph approach helps understand the size of all paragraphs and their correlation.
  • A clear thesis statement given in the introductory paragraph. You should give the context of your topic and review it in the first paragraph of your argumentative essay. Also, explain why this topic is exigent today. Add the thesis statement in the last sentence of your introduction. Remember that it has to be clear and concise. Try to make it as narrow as possible for your topic. Remember that if you properly write this part of your essay, it will be much easier for you to reason your point and compose your essay in a more effective and persuasive way.
  • Clear and logical transitions between the main parts. If there is no logic between different parts and paragraphs of your essay, the reader will find it hard to follow your argument. Therefore, make your essay structure solid by creating sound transitions between different sections of your paper.
  • Evidential support in body paragraphs. To make your essay clear and easy-to-read, limit each paragraph to discussing one idea. Furthermore, note that every paragraph has to logically connect with your thesis statement from the introductory paragraph. It is also important to explain why this very evidence warrants your thesis. In the meantime, since it is an argumentative essay, you also need to pay attention to the alternative opinions on the topic. You can give one or two paragraphs to discuss these opinions. Avoid just saying that they are wrong; you need to explain why they do not align with your thesis and why they lack evidence.
  • Logical, statistical, factual, and anecdotal reasoning. In the argumentative essay, you need to do a profound research to find detailed, accurate, and relevant information to support your thesis. You should not forget about considering other opinions. Make your essay well rounded by discussing the views that do not align with yours. Add logical, statistical, factual, and anecdotal reasoning to support your point of view and explain why the opposing views can be ill-informed or irrelevant.
  • Restating and readdressing the thesis in the conclusion. In light of all the evidence you have provided in your essay, you may now review your thesis as well as your main points. Never add any new information to your conclusion. This part only has to summarize the points you have already stated in your paper and synthesize the facts presented in the essay. Restate the exigency and importance of your topic. In the end, you may also discuss what aspects of the topic require a further research.

May all your argumentative essays be successful and receive only the highest grades!