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What Is Rhetoric, and Why Is It Important?

February 19, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

Whenever you write a persuasive essay, talking points for a debate, or an argumentative essay, you use rhetoric. Even if you are not familiar with the term, you have used rhetoric to support the points you make in your writing. Rhetoric is the language you use to communicate your writing’s core message.

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Guidelines to Write Eye-Catching Headings

January 18, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

If you write several pages of sheer text without headings, it will never work to your benefit. First of all, your readers will get bored too fast when trying to grasp the presented information. Secondly, if you are writing an academic essay or a blog article, it will look incomplete in terms of proper formatting....

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How to Interpret Professors’ Instructions

December 30, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

Academic projects are incredibly versatile. Some essays entail only superficial research, while other assignments delve into the subject profoundly, being authentic scholarly investigations. Despite the sophistication and length of the assigned written work, certain fundamental cognitive activities have become common. Often, professors focus on such elements of paper writing as defining, describing, evaluating, summarizing, critiquing,...

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What You Need to Know When Writing a Concluding Sentence

December 14, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

Every paragraph of your paper should lead to a brief logical conclusion. Thus, a concluding sentence unifies the ideas you elucidated in a separate paragraph. It is necessary to create such closing sentences to make your text and subject matter itself more comprehensible.

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Hypothesis Writing Tips for Professionals

November 30, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

Every decent research has a hypothesis, which embodies an “insightful presumption” about the outcomes of your scientific experiments or scholarly investigations. This is a specific predicting statement. Although a hypothesis is always concise and subject-focused, it is not that simple to express it clearly and reasonably. Logically, being a quintessential part of the chosen scientific...

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High School and College Writing: Discrepancies to Know

November 15, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

If you want to grasp the transforming nature of academic writing, you should learn to differentiate between the educational levels. Let us focus on determining major discrepancies between high school papers and college essays. The trickiest thing is that at the initial stage, when working on both college-level and high-school tasks, instructions for the higher-level...

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Repetition and Redundancy Are Enemies of Decent Writing

October 31, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

What is good writing? It is the capability to express thoughts explicitly, coherently, and enticingly. Good writing creates invisible connections between sentences, so that your ideas start flowing and amalgamating into one plot. Good writing keeps readers engaged.

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The Special Characteristics of Academic Writing

October 8, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

Being the main method of communication in an academic environment, academic writing is the most important skill students should obtain. At the same time, not all students can master this skill successfully. To understand this aspect better, one should learn what academic writing is, figure out its key features, as well as understand the main...

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