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Effective Use of Common Tenses in Academic Writing

February 27, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

Verb tenses allow the reader to figure out when a particular event takes place. What is more, when it comes to academic writing, the usage of tenses usually goes beyond chronology representation. The choice of tenses enables the reader to understand the degree of generality intended as well as the author’s attitude towards the theory...

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The Difference between the Active and Passive Voice

February 12, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

The choice of active or passive voice in your writing is highly related to the writing style and the message you want to convey. In some cases, the chosen voice may help you emphasize some idea in your sentence. If you doubt whether to use the active or passive voice, read this article

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Concept Maps for Idea Visualization and Creating Relations

January 31, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

Concept map is a tool of visualization as well as building connections and relations between the ideas to determine their logic and structure. To create a unique and well-thought-out concept map, it is necessary to know their specifics, types and different uses.

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How to Write a Perfect Personal Response Essay

January 14, 2021| Category: Writing Tips

A personal response paper aims to help the reader gain a better understanding of your perception of a particular subject. Thus, when writing a personal response essay, you need to express your feelings and thoughts about the subject at hand.

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How to Create a Methodology Section in a Paper

December 28, 2020| Category: Writing Tips

When writing a thesis or a dissertation, you will need to state and evaluate the methods you have used in your research. These methods should clearly explain what you did to obtain the relevant information. A well-written methodology section will convince your reader that your work is accurate and credible.

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How to Synthesize Information from Different Sources

December 17, 2020| Category: Writing Tips

When you need to write a literature review for a sophisticated academic project like a research paper or a dissertation, you are supposed to go beyond summarizing the articles and other types of sources. Instead, you need to organize your findings into a simple unit synthesizing them. This means that you need to combine your...

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Avoiding Bias in Writing: Essentials

November 30, 2020| Category: Writing Tips

It may be extremely complicated to avoid being biased while writing. It is worth noting that bias is defined as an inclination or tendency for a person to hold a specific outlook or take peculiar judgments concerning any topic. Thus, how are you capable of recognizing bias and what should be done to avoid it...

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Creating Marvelous PowerPoint Presentations: How to Do Everything Right?

November 9, 2020| Category: Writing Tips

Making a great PowerPoint presentation is not a piece of cake for many people. In addition to having good writing, research, and analytical skills, one should also know how to work with this software, as well as have sufficient design proficiency. Using bad design for your presentation, you won`t be able to satisfy the needs...

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