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Transitive and Intransitive Verbs — How to Tell Them Apart?

November 30, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

There are transitive and intransitive verbs depending on whether one should use an object after them to communicate a complete idea. When used in a sentence, transitive verbs make sense merely when they have an object after them. Intransitive verbs, however, can be used on their own and be meaningful. There are also verbs that...

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How to Analyze an Argument: Essential Steps

October 26, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

As a writer, you may face academic assignments that go further than a summary, response, or description. An argument analysis assignment is a common academic task that aims to demonstrate one’s analytical and critical thinking skills. When working on this assignment, one should discuss and analyze the intentions, strategies, and approaches used by the author...

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Rules of Academic Use of Pronouns: Examples and Tips.

September 30, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

Pronouns can be defined as a part of speech that is used to substitute for nouns to avoid the redundant usage of the latter ones.

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Effective Strategies for Conducting Research

July 31, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

Throughout the 21st century, people have gained more knowledge and information than they could imagine 20, 40, or even 100 years ago. Still, it can be challenging to proceed these large quantities of data.

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The Difference between Argumentative and Persuasive Papers

June 22, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

Finding the main distinctive features of argumentative and persuasive essays might be a dilemma for many writers, who have recently started dealing with academic papers. We will explain the main differences briefly and accessibly in this article.

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Rules of Capitalization in Academic Writing

May 31, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

If to scrutinize literacy on a global scale, we can assert that people have become more educated during the last decades. Isn’t it strange to realize that literacy might be even uncommon nowadays?

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How to Present Data in an Academic Article

April 25, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

One of the most important decisions you will make when writing an academic paper is how to present your data. You will need to know which data should be placed in tables, which data is best shown in figures, and how to make both of these display items as clear and as easy to interpret...

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The Perks of Summary Writing: Why Writers Need to Know Them

March 20, 2022| Category: Writing Tips

Bibliophiles often say that it is a bookish “sin” to read summaries instead of full-fledged works. These are shorter descriptions of lengthy scientific oeuvres or literary pieces, which also serve its useful purpose. A summary aims to reveal the main insights of the plot, fundamental ideas and arguments. Yet, it does not cover all the...

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