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Time Management as a Key Point for Successful Essay Writing

May 26, 2017| Category: Freelance Writing, Writing Tips

Time is something one can lose and never get back. In spite of the fact that a daily cycle consists of a twenty-four hour period, there are so many people wishing to have much more time available during the day. No one can control the time; however, proper time management is in our power.

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How to Use Your Writing Talent to Earn Money

September 30, 2016| Category: Freelance Writing, Writer Jobs, Writing Tips

Nothing can bring us more happiness and satisfaction than earning money by doing what you love! Those who manage to turn their hobby into business are always really successful in life. So what if you are passionate about writing? Why not making your dream a reality and start getting profit from sharing your ideas with...

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5 Main Mistakes in Writing a Paragraph

September 19, 2016| Category: Writing Tips

Essay writing is one of the main responsibilities students have to accomplish while education. Most students are aware of the five-paragraph structure and follow it precisely. Also, depending on the length of an essay students can deviate from this structure and to write essays of six and more paragraphs.

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5 Important Things to Keep in Mind when Writing an Academic Paper

September 6, 2016| Category: Careers in Writing, Writing Tips

You can be an excellent writer, but writing an academic paper demands not simply paraphrasing original texts. Do you find the academic paper to be an instrument of torture? Actually, the process can be quite easy. To become a successful academic writer, you should keep in mind several important things for academic writing. Take it...

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The Best Time to be a Freelance Writer

November 7, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

To be honest, if you are asking for the right time to start with a freelance writing career, then think again. For you will not know when would be the perfect time to start this online writing job. In my case, I never knew at first on what would be the things going on in...

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Taking Pleasure from a Freelance Writing Project

October 25, 2009| Category: Business Writing Jobs

I often ask members of my freelance writing course about the kind of freelance writing projects that they enjoy the most. And I can see that they are already tired of being asked by this monotonous question. Definitely it is too much but it is very important to ask this question at least once a...

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Work from home through freelance writing job

October 20, 2009| Category: Freelance Writing

We are living in a technological world where you will be able to see technology in each and every corner around you. Internet has changed the way people live to a great extent as this has revolutionized the world. At first internet has been introduced mainly for the purpose of communication. But now there are...

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Freelance writing as a career option

September 27, 2009| Category: Freelance Writing

Lots of writers of today fear of ease of finding a writing job online! In this scene, one would be able to find lots of freelance writing jobs online rather than looking at newspaper ads. This would become a great threat for well established writers as the companies would simply post for jobs in online....

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