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1. Order ID - a unique number assigned to the order of the paper.

NB: Your file name format should be OrderID_TitleOfDocument.docx (1212121212_Shakespeare.docx, where 1212121212 - number/ID of the order, Shakespeare - order topic).

It is important to mention Order ID every time you write Support Team or your HR about specific order issue.


2. Topic – Usually, it is the title of the paper, but not always: sometimes customers provide some general topic and the writer has to create his/her own title (usually it is clear from the detailed instructions provided in the Description field or additional files uploaded to the order).


3. Type - The type of academic writing (essay, research paper, coursework, questions/answers, etc.).

NB: It is important to pay attention to the type of the order when writing your paper; it impacts the structure as well as the way the information is presented in the paper to a great extent. Type is an essential part of paper requirements.

For more details please see http://4writers.net/guide/41/


4. Level - Academic level of the paper: High School, College, University, Master’s, or PhD.

NB: Please see the file attached for more information on academic levels. Please note that it is obligatory to ensure that the paper is of the required level. Customers have the right to demand a partial refund if the order is not of the necessary level even though all the other order requirements are met.

Academic Levels Guide.pdf


5. Style – It indicates, which citation style (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.) should be used for formatting the paper. More about styles can be found in the subsection Citation in WRITING GUIDE.

NB: Please note that when the style is Other, you have to follow the style mentioned by the customer in further instructions or given in the files attached. If there is no clarification as to the style to be used, please clarify with the customer. If there is no enough time to clarify that, please format the paper according to APA or MLA style. Papers cannot be left without formatting at all.


6. Sources - The number of sources to be used in the paper.

Usually the exact number of sources is provided in this field and this number should be followed precisely. For example, if it is said Sources: 3, it means that exactly 3 sources have to be used (used means not only mentioned in the Reference list, but actually cited/used in the text itself - used in-text as well), not 2-1 or 4-5, but 3.

If you need to use more or less sources than specified, you have to agree that with the customer.

Wikipedia, Sparknotes, etc. CANNOT be used. More information as to the Sources is provided at the end of this section.


7. Language – Indicates which language should be used (English US, English UK, etc.). Please, pay attention to the language as word choice and spelling are different in American and British English.

NB: Sometimes MS Word can automatically change the language settings in the middle of writing (especially if the document is reopened or some text is copy-pasted), and it changes to the default language. You can continue writing in English but MS Word will see it as a different language (usually it is red underlined). That is why always double check the language settings when the paper is ready. Please note that the whole document must have the necessary language settings (headers, title pages, footnotes, and reference lists as well).The easiest way to do that is to select the whole document (Ctrl+A) and put the necessary language when the whole paper is already completed.


8. Description – paper instructions section. The customers provide paper requirements in this section. In case the customer does not provide precise guidelines for the order you are working on, feel free to contact him/her via our messaging system. If the requirements are unclear or their execution will result in the number of pages or source number change, please discuss that with Support and the customer at once.

NB: If this section is empty and there are no files attached, paper instructions MUST be clarified with Support team and the customer. A topic only cannot be considered as enough instructions; the paper requirements are more specific and, in case the writer didn't clarify them, he/she will have to rewrite the whole paper.

Even if this section has some info, but it seems to be not clear enough or lacks some information (or the order seems to lack files), the writer MUST ask for clarifications. It is the responsibility of the writer to ensure that the paper instructions are detailed and clear enough.


9. Spacing – indicates which spacing (double or single) should be used.


10. Pages - the number of pages requested by the customer.

Note that minimum word count for 1 double-spaced page is 300 words; minimum word count for 1 single- spaced page is 600 words. You can count the words using MS Word tool (Tools -> Word Count).

The title page information, Table of Contents, Abstract, Footnotes, References list, Tables, Graphs, etc. if needed are not included to the total word count. So if the paper is, for instance, 3 pages Double spacing, it should be 900 words of the text itself (covering the assignment task) plus Title page, Reference list, Abstract, etc. depending on other order details (style, necessity of tables, graphs or footnotes).

NB: If in further instructions (description/ files attached), it is mentioned that much more pages/words (+/- 150 words are ok) have to be written than paid for, it should be clarified with Support/ the customer. Perhaps the customer made a mistake and an additional order will be placed or the customer will confirm that the amount of pages paid for will be enough.


NB! In non-writing orders (online tests, multiple choice questions, etc.), we count pages according to the formula 5 questions/page.


11. Additional services – indicates whether customer requested any other specific information/service that should be provided along with the paper.

The most common ones are Draft and Summary.

Drafts have to be provided within the specific deadline, earlier than the whole paper (by the deadline that is given below the section Additional Services). Please note that the deadline for drafts must be met as the customer can ask for reassignment of the order or refund if he/she does not receive the draft in time.

Normally the draft to a smaller paper (up to 5 pages) is around 300 words (1 page of text - it can be randomly written, providing an idea of the points you will cover in the paper; it can be in the form of an extended outline; or it can be just the 1st part of the paper) unless the customer specifies what kind of draft he/she needs.

If the paper is more than 10 pages, then the draft is usually bigger - 3-4 pages. If the paper is 20+ pages, then usually the first part of the paper is meant by the draft - it can be 7 pages, for example. Usually in bigger papers, it is specified exactly how many pages of draft are needed.

Summary should be uploaded together with the final paper (no need to upload it earlier than the final paper, but it cannot be delayed) but in a separate file (titled OrderID_Summary.doc). Usually the summary is 300-600 words long; it summarizes the key points discussed in the paper itself and the conclusion reached.


12. Time left – indicates the time when deadline expires.

NB: Deadlines MUST be followed. The papers delivered late might not be needed anymore; deadline extensions are NOT allowed. There special lateness penalties if orders are submitted when the deadline expires.


13. Salary

[Salary] = [Cost per page] * [number of pages]


14. Bonus/penalty

Bonus/penalty - money reward or penalty for the order. This sum is not included in "Salary"


15. Total

Total is the total price for the order. [Total] = [Cost per page] * [number of pages]+ [bonus] or - [penalty].


16. Task file/Files include additional file/files that should be used for writing. If there is the file (files), the Task file and/or File button are active and you can download and open the files even before you take the order.

Please, always check on additional files attached to the order as customers may upload detailed instructions, scanned articles, sample essays or other materials that need to be used in the paper. You should regularly check your email and My Messages section as customers can upload additional instructions or send you a message in the process of writing. Also, in case the files from the customer are too big to be uploaded into the system, our Support Team will forward those additional files directly to our e-mail.

NB: The files attached to orders are significant parts of order requirements and cannot be ignored. If it is not clear how the files should be used for the writing of the given order, please clarify with Support team and/or the customer.