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A written summary of one’s education, professional experience, skills and qualifications one gained in extracurricular activities that is used to apply for a position or internship.


Since Customers provide all needed information, the writer’s task is not to compile a unique resume, but proofread/rewrite Customers’ personal details. Please mind that customers have 30 days for a free revision for such order types.


Thesis: Not required



I. Contact Information: Full name, address, professional e-mail, phone number. This information should be positioned in the right upper corner or be centered.

II. Objective (optional): A statement indicating one’s career interests, namely the position one is seeking.

III. Education: A list of educational experiences together with a degree/certificate received. One should include the names of the institutions with their location, degrees obtained, and graduation dates, whereas high school information should be removed. The data should be listed in reverse chronological order.

IV. Professional Experience: A list of jobs, internships, temporary positions, military experience, and other experiences (paid or unpaid) presented in reverse chronological order. Each entry should include the name of the organization, its location, dates of employment, and the position title. One should also describe their accomplishments, duties, and skills in a bulleted list.

V. Skills/Qualifications: A list of skills that are related to the job application or areas of expertise. One can include language skills, technology skills and other hard skills.

VI. Other Sections: Additionally, one can present other relevant sections such as Awards and Recognition, Publications, Volunteer Experience, Professional Affiliations, Interests and Hobbies and etc.

N.B.! Typical word count rules are not applicable to resume orders. Clients can only choose Urgency, Level (entry, professional, career change, executive, military, federal) and additional services.