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There are several major ways you can receive your salary – Wire Transfer, Payoneer, and some local bank cards* (*for some writers depending on the country of their residence; please contact your HR for further details).


Wire Transfer (For International Writers)


To receive earnings via Wire Transfer, you need to have a US dollar bank account. There is a fixed 40 USD commission for transferring writers' salaries via Wire Transfer option.


Note: If your account is opened in a different currency, you may not receive your payment or experience unanticipated delay receiving your funds.

You need to provide us specifically with the following account details:


Beneficiary’s Name:

Bank Name:  Bank Address:

Bank City:  

Bank State/Province:

Bank Postal/Zip Code:

Bank Country:

Bank Account or IBAN number:

SWIFT Code: Currency Preferred:





Postal/Zip Code:



(Do not complete this section unless the payee has been told to give intermediary bank details by their own bank.)

Bank Name:

Bank Address:

Bank City:

Bank State/Province:

Bank Postal/Zip Code:

Bank Country:


By providing us with all above mentioned details you need to specify the sum of money that needs to be accumulated and processed to your bank account. 


Payoneer Account

All writers should have 2 payment options indicated in their profile. Payoneer accounts are to be mentioned as additional payment method. For example, one may have Wire Transfer mentioned as his/her first payment option and a Payoneer account as additional payment option. We oblige ALL writers to create Payoneer accounts to make sure they receive timely payments. Our Financial Department may choose one of 2 possible payment options indicated in the writer's profile. It may take 3-5 business days to get approval of the Payoneer account. Please mind that writers cannot choose the most convenient method - our Financial Department may choose either option while transferring your salaries.


NB! If writer's salary did not reach $50, it would be impossible to transfer money via Payoneer. 


Writers may submit their payment details only once. Whenever changes should be applied, they should contact HR managers for assistance.