There are several major ways you can receive your salary – PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, and local bank cards* (*for some writers depending on the country of their residence; please contact your HR for further details).

PayPal (For International Writers)

To receive your salary to your PayPal account, you will need to provide us your PayPal e-mail long before payout date. Thus, you will be able to receive your salary when payday comes.


Wire Transfer (For International Writers)

To receive earnings via Wire Transfer, you need to have a US dollar bank account.

Note: If your account is opened in a different currency, you may not receive your payment or experience unanticipated delay receiving your funds.

You need to provide us specifically with the following account details:


Beneficiary’s Name:

Bank Name:  Bank Address:

Bank City:  

Bank State/Province:

Bank Postal/Zip Code:

Bank Country:

Bank Account or IBAN number:

SWIFT Code: Currency Preferred:





Postal/Zip Code:



(Do not complete this section unless the payee has been told to give intermediary bank details by their own bank.)

Bank Name:

Bank Address:

Bank City:

Bank State/Province:

Bank Postal/Zip Code:

Bank Country:


By providing us with all above mentioned details you need to specify the sum of money that needs to be accumulated and processed to your bank account. You can choose the following sum of money to be processed:


Banking expenses may vary depending on the country you live.

  • $50 ($20-30 fee to be deducted)

  • $100 ($20-30 fee to be deducted)

  • $300 - $1500 ($20-30 fee to be deducted)

  • Over $1500 the fee will not be deducted

If your salary didn't reach 1500 USD you may choose:

1. to receive your salary via by supplying us your PayPal account

2. to receive your salary paying 15 USD fee for the money transfer.

3. to wait when your salary reaches 1500 USD and receive your salary without any fee.



To receive earnings via WebMoney, you need to specify your WebMoney purse number. It should begin with Z.

The salary is paid once per month. It is released within 7 business days after it is calculated on the website (approximately 15-18th* day) for all orders completed and approved between the 1st and the 30th (31st) of the previous month (based on the final deadline of the orders).

It may take up to 7 business days to process and release salaries to writers. We guarantee that your salaries will be sent within the specified time. The exact date you will receive payments does not fully depend on the performance of the Billing Dept. The transaction depends on several circumstances that are beyond company's control, such as local and international holidays, weekends, time zone differences and individual bank rules and policies.

Payment details should be submitted 3-4 days prior to the payment session (15th date of the month is usually the payout day on the website, so writers must update their payment details on 12-13th day at most). The writers who are late with payment info update/submission are paid during the next payment period.

*The company reserves the right to change the payment date due to sudden/unexpected circumstances or technical difficulties. In such a case, writers will be properly notified in News section on the website or via email by their HR managers.


Payoneer Account

All writers should have 2 payment options indicated in their profile. Payoneer accounts are to be mentioned as additional payment method. For example, one may have PayPal mentioned as his/her first payment option and a Payoneer account as additional payment option. We oblige ALL writers to create Payoneer accounts to make sure they receive timely payments. Our Financial Department may choose one of 2 possible payment options indicated in the writer's profile. It may take 3-5 business days to get approval of Payoneer account.


NB! If writer's salary did not reach $50, it would be impossible to transfer money via Payoneer. Our accountant will choose 1st payment option (e.g. PayPal, Webmoney, or some local cards).


Writers may submit their payment details only once. Whenever changes should be applied, they should contact HR managers for assistance.