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Our writers must apply the page format standards stated below while delivering papers to us. For your convenience, you may create a template using these values. In case the specified requirements are not met, the papers will be rejected:

  1. Standard A4 pages;

  2. Margins – 1 inch (2.54 cm) on each side;

  3. Format – double-spaced or single-spaced;

  4. Font – 12 pt. Times New Roman. Use the same font throughout the entire paper, except cases described in the point 9 below.

  5. Word count – minimum 300 words per double-spaced page; 600 words per single-spaced page. In non-writing orders (online tests, multiple choice questions, etc.), we count pages according to the formula 5 questions/page.

  6. Text alignment – left alignment, no justification.

  7. Paragraphs – no spaces (additional empty lines) between paragraphs.

  8. Page Headers (running heads) – format according to the required citation style (in APA – flush left, using all capital letters; in MLA style – place the Page Header at the top right-hand corner of every page; in APA Style, include the title and the page number; in MLA Style, include the last name of the author of the paper and the page number; in Chicago/Turabian Style – no Page Header on the first page, other pages should contain author’s last name and page number, starting from 1 on the second page, not 2). For more information, please, read our manual on styles.

  9. Footnotes/Endnotes are sometimes used in Chicago Manual of Style (Notes and Bibliography style) and Turabian Style, 8 pt. Times New Roman, single spacing (even for double-spaced papers);

  10. Graphics – you are encouraged to use visuals in your writing (graphics, images, photos, charts), if applicable. Graphics are not counted to the overall paper word count.

  11. File name – before you upload the paper, name the file by the order ID and the order topic: '605210999_Shakespeare.docx, where 605210999 is the order ID (number) and Shakespeare is the order topic (title).

  12. Properties –go to 'File' > 'Properties' and click on 'Summary' tab in your Word application; delete any information about 'Author', 'Company' or any other field. Leave the title of paper only.

  13. Bibliography – include a Bibliography page in every paper and format it, as well as in-text citations, according to the required academic style. Note: in APA Style, it is 'References'; in MLA Style, it is 'Works Cited'; in Chicago/Turabian, it is 'Bibliography'. Note: Bibliography page is not considered as an actual text page (it is not included in the word count), and not compensated.

  14. Page Numbers – Please number pages according to the format and style requirements.