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4Writers.net appreciates the effort, good organization and effective performance of every writer employed and is ready to reward every employee showing steady progress in performance. The company has developed an efficient upgrade system for writers looking for growth opportunities and more ways to realize their potential in freelance writing.

In order to distinguish writers by their experience, skills and abilities, 4Writers.net has developed the gradation of four groups. Every group has its own characteristic features, different levels of accessing the internal system, diverse bonuses, and extra features.

The main determiners of the upgrade are as follows:

  • Length of service
  • Customers' feedbacks
  • Plagiarism analyses
  • Quality Assurance Department reports (quality of writing)
  • Volume of processed orders

Writing Groups/Levels

  1. High school level
  2. College level
  3. University level
  4. PhD Level

HR department is constantly monitoring the accounts of writers. Every writer that is showing the performance improvement in compliance with one of the statuses given above gets upgraded accordingly.