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4Writers.net values the contribution of every writer working with the company and is ready to award each and every writer for his/her outstanding performance accordingly. For this, we have developed the unique system of bonuses to praise the efforts, commitment, and contribution of our writers.


Currently there are several main bonus programs developed at 4Writers.net:

  • Bonuses for best performers Preferred order bonus, which adds approximately +50% to the order price.
  • Bonuses added to revision and reassignment orders taken upon Support/HR request.

If the customer chooses your ID, you will get approximately +50% to the standard order price. Such order will be available to you only for certain time. You will be notified via email every time you are chosen as a preferred writer. If you cannot take the order due to a short deadline or lack of expertise in the topic, you are free to not take this order. Please notify QC about that via email as soon as you make such decision. However, it is desirable to take preferred orders because the same customer might not choose you as a preferred writer in the future if you refuse to write his/her order.


Bonus for significant contribution among best performers is granted to best writers that belong to the group of Premiums on a monthly basis. The main criteria for choosing best performers among the writers are the following:

  • Volume of processed pages on a monthly basis
  • No plagiarism and refunds
  • High overall editor's mark
  • No excessive revisions
  • No late orders
  • No excessive reassignments

Please contact your HR manager for more information.


Bonuses for DC orders

By DC orders we mean assignments of higher complexity and shorter urgency. Such orders will be specified in the email subject from QCT. For example, “4749205739-DC order.” If there is no abbreviation “DC” specified, then this order is treated as a common one.


1 DC order = 5 USD


NB! Writers are fully responsible for the quality in all orders. No matter what order you take (DC or common order), you must follow all instructions.


"5" grade orders


You may check such orders according to smiles placed in the top right corner in your "Completed orders."

2-3 grades = 4 USD

4-5 grades = 8 USD

6-10 grades = 15 USD

11+ grades = 30 USD

Both original and additional orders are taken into consideration.


Bonus from Administration

Writers are eligible of receiving +10 USD, + 20 USD, + 30 USD extra for good performance. Members of administration check writers' performance and achievements => select several writers from each region.


Bonuses Review

To check the amount and the type of bonuses you have received, please go to Salary details folder in My payments section and click on the Page icon by the order you are interested in to review more details.



If clients are satisfied with their orders, they may leave you tips. The company won’t take a penny out of it – you will receive a FULL payment. It will be paid along with the order salary.  


You may appreciate tips that imply 100% payment – the customer may give you as much as he/she wants. We hope that such changes will motivate you to follow all customers’ requirements, submit plagiarism-free papers, and adhere to order deadlines. Your messages to customers also give an impression of who you are as a writer. If you write in formal English, it will increase chances of receiving tips.



Writers are not allowed to ask or demand tips from customers. If we see such messages, we will have to remove previously earned tips from your account and impose a penalty (decrease rating/limit or deactivate the account). Please respect customers' decisions and company rules.


Having received tips, you should send a message of appreciation to the customer.  The only reason of messaging customer in this case is telling that you are thankful for tips you have already received in this order.