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Our Company DOES NOT TOLERATE PLAGIARISM IN ANY FORM. Read our Terms and Conditions to find out more about our policy on plagiarism. As our writer, you are obliged to submit original, plagiarism-free writing projects. Avoid plagiarism at all costs! Due to the lack of knowledge on this issue, you can plagiarize unintentionally. Therefore, learn more about plagiarism: how to recognize it, how to cite properly the source texts and other people's thoughts, how to paraphrase and summarize correctly, and take a quick self-test to check your understanding of plagiarism here.

EVERY completed paper is checked for plagiarism using special software. Reports are uploaded into the system and can be viewed in "My Completed Orders." Please note: sometimes the anti-plagiarism software can detect citations as plagiarism. Therefore, all the reports are checked by our Quality Control Department who decides upon the final percentage of plagiarism on individual basis. For example, the software can show up to 20% of plagiarism in a paper, and our Quality Control Department reduces it to 10% after the investigation, disregarding properly formatted in-text citations. If you are assured that even after the investigation of our Quality Control Department, the plagiarism report shows a higher plagiarism percentage than its actual amount, you are free to dispute it by writing a message to our Support where you clearly and professionally indicate your proofs. Before doing so, please make sure you know what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Learn more now.

The writer, who submits plagiarized works, should be aware of the penalties system developed by the Company.

Intentional plagiarism is dishonest and contradicts the Company's policy to provide clients with high-quality, 100% original writing. Unintentional (accidental) plagiarism is not an excuse to avoid penalties and order cancellation. That's why before taking your first order, please learn about plagiarism in the plagiarism section and take a self-test.