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System Guide

Orders in the system can have several types of statuses:

Order is available

Order is processing

Order is sent

Order is returned for revision

Order is cancelled

Order is refunded

Order is available. Available orders are listed in Available orders of the Essay/Dissertations section in the system. The first writer who presses "Take it" button gets the order.

The status "Processing" is assigned to the order that is being processed/taken by the writer.

"Sent". When you upload the work, the order is forwarded to the customer for review directly or being reviewed by the editor before it is sent to the customer (please keep in mind that not all orders are checked by editors; that is why you as a writer are responsible for the quality of the paper the customer gets). However, the work on the order might not be finished yet. Keep checking your account in case the customer or the editor returns the order for revision (see below).

The status "Revision" is assigned if the customer is not satisfied with your paper and submits a request for revision. When you upload the revised paper in the system, order status is set to "Sent" state again and your order will appear in Completed orders. The editor can also put your order on revision and send you revision details via messages.

"Cancelled". When the customer cancels the order for some reason, you should stop working on it. The order is also marked as canceled when a writer refuses from it or the order is reassigned to another writer due to very low quality of the paper.

"Refunded". If the customer is completely unsatisfied with the paper and it is proven that the paper does not meet the customer’s requirements and is of low quality/plagiarized, we give the customer a refund and the order becomes "Refunded." When the order is refunded, it means that the customer demands his money back for the low-quality product submitted. If you provide papers strictly in line with the customer's requirements, if you keep efficient communication via our messaging system to clarify the customer's instructions when needed, and if you do not plagiarize, you run a very low risk of having orders which are returned for revision or refunded.