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In order to process your earnings as a writer, the company needs to receive your payment details.

4Writers.net is NOT responsible for opening accounts or establishing payment means for the writers. Every person applying for the job of the writer at the company is solely responsible for obtainment of the account with one of the offered processors given in payment options and submission of its details in a timely manner.


You have an opportunity to submit your Payment details to the company during registration. You must provide your Payment details in the field Payment system at the end of your Profile. There you have an option to add a payment method you have available for your salary to be processed. We give you an opportunity to have several payment methods at a time in order to pick the most suitable option. You pick the method you would like to submit and save the information in your profile. The system will lead you to the window with boxes to be filled out. Please note that every box needs to be filled out OBLIGATORY. If one of the boxes contains no information, the system will not register your details. If you do not know any of the items required to be filled in, please contact your bank assistant for the required information. The transfer can NOT be completed without any of the items requested. To submit the details click "Save Changes."


If for some reason, you did not provide your valid Payment details while registering or would like to make some changes in your Payment details, please contact your HR (or Support). The request to change your Payment Details must be sent to your HR via the same mail under which you are registered in our system as a writer.


PAYMENT THRESHOLD is the very minimum you wish to reach before the salary is paid out. It is to be filled out in USD. (e.g. if you choose Payment Threshold of USD 50, you will not get your money until you earn 50 US dollars.) Please be reasonable and choose realistic sum to be your minimum. You can write 0 in this field and get paid any sum you earn per month. Payment threshold is usually used by writers who wish to spend less money on transfer fees.

In case your payment method is Wire Transfer, Payment Threshold is an important field needed to be filled out. Update this field correctly and the wages will be transferred according to your choice.

Support representatives or your HR are eligible to submit the details to your account only upon your request.


Upon the completion of the order, the system automatically calculates your payment for the paper as the total price for the order minus fines or plus bonuses, if any. You can see the salaries for each order counted in My Payments section.

You will receive your salary once a month. Salaries will be released within 7 business days after they are calculated (approximately after 16-18th) for all orders completed and checked by editors between the 1st and the 30th (31st) of the previous month (based on the final deadline of the orders).

In My Payments -> Salary details, you will see the final salary for the previous month (you will be able to see it once the salary for the month is calculated, which is usually after 15th date of the next month). Payment status field indicates whether the payment has been paid to you or not and shows the Paid Date (the date when the payment has actually been paid). The Earnings Report (View icon) allows you to view all your payments for the given month.