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There are two types of revision requests: Editor’s revision and Customer’s revision. Both are equally important and have to be followed precisely.

The editor of your order can send you a revision request (just a revision message in cases of minor revision or, apart from the revision messages, the order can be put on revision and will appear in your Revisions section (My current orders -> Revisions) if the paper needs improvement. Thus, if not all requirements are fully met or general quality of writing does not meet the standards, the editor puts lower marks (read more about marks and preliminary assessment here) and sends you a revision request/a message in which you are asked to revise your paper. Upon successful completion of revision (if you revise the paper appropriately according to all editor's comments and within the specified time), the editor reassesses the order; thus you are given an opportunity to improve the paper and improve your average mark.

Please note: If the paper is very poorly written or off topic (does not meet requirements at all), it will be reassigned to another writer at once, and you will not receive the salary for it.

The customer may send a revision request after he/she received the paper (please note that editors have some extra time to check your papers, so the customers do not receive the papers at once when your writer’s deadline is over and revision requests might come in several days after your order completion). The customer may not be satisfied with the paper and may forward his/her remarks along with revision instructions. You will be informed about the changed order status either by email, message, or phone call. Please check your email and "My current orders" as well as “My messages” page regularly to see whether you need to revise your paper.

Please make sure you understand the overall Revision Policy of our Company:

4Writers.net ALWAYS places an immediate revision request made by the client as we ensure 100% satisfaction-guarantee and our primary promise to the customer is to deliver a high-quality paper.

Writers' primary obligation is to deliver high-quality, 100% original writing done exactly to the client's requirements. Writers should do their best to make sure that they understand the clients' instructions and follow them precisely in order to avoid revision requests.

Customer’s Revision request must be fulfilled unless his/her initial instructions do not radically differ from the revision instructions (in case you are sure that the customer has changed the initial instructions, please notify us via messaging system providing brief and objective proofs) or revision request hasn’t been sent too late (customers have 48 hours upon the paper delivery to request revision for smaller orders (up to 20 pages) and a month for bigger papers (20 pages and more). Please note that customers do NOT receive their papers at once when your writer’s deadline is over; editor’s check also takes some time. Thus, please clarify with Support team whether revision can be considered as a late one if much more than 4 days since the order’s deadline has passed.  Revision requests should be given the highest priority and completed prior to any further work.

Along with revision instructions, you will be informed of the time you have to revise the paper and upload the revised file to the order (it might be from several hours up to several days depending on the order). In case you see that you can't upload the revised paper within the time given for revision, please notify Support Team immediately via messaging system. Indicate your revision deadline and do your best to submit the revised paper before the revision deadline. Support team will try to negotiate your revision deadline with the customer; however, if the customer is not able to provide the mentioned by you time for the revision, the order might be reassigned to another writer or another writer might be asked to revise the paper (which may result in financial penalties).

If you refuse to complete the revision, a part of your payment or all your payment for this order will be cancelled, and the revision will be reassigned to another writer. Our primary goal is to deliver high-quality papers; your primary obligation is to meet customers' requirements.

When you have revised the returned paper, please upload it into the system the same way you do with all completed papers. Indicate "-revised" in the file name.