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Communication is crucial in satisfying customers and keeping them updated on the progress of their order completion. Therefore, you need to answer all the messages received from the customer.


You are encouraged to write messages to the customer of your order if you have some reasonable questions as to the paper you are writing for him/her.


Your messages are not less important than papers. Please, pay attention to language, grammar, and stylistics of your messages to customers. Please mind the confidentiality policy, which prohibits providing any names or other personal information of writers in messages to customers. Therefore, here is a list of things to keep in mind when writing messages:


  • Use language that is appropriate for correspondence;
  • Be polite and professional;
  • Write your messages with no grammar and stylistics mistakes;
  • Try to avoid being too personal in your messages;
  • Do not provide ANY personal information, including your name, phone number, e-mail, country of residence, etc.;
  • Do not write off-topic messages;

Note: All messages are monitored by our QC team.


If you think that an order description/files section do not include vital information (i.e. missing requirements or attachments), please contact customer/Support Team via messages and ask for clarifications. It should be done once you take an order. Therefore, please make sure everything is clear before you begin working on the order.


In addition, if you see inappropriate payment ("View" section shows a smaller number of pages from the order description/attachments) - please clarify the word count with the customer and ask for additional pages, if he/she underpaid.


Example. Order description mentions "2" in the field "Pages." You open attachments and see the following sentence "students are required to submit 800-900 word essays." In this case, you must contact customer, asking to compensate 1 more page, which will allow you to follow instructions precisely.


Writers are not allowed to ask for compensations without any reason. If you message customer for additional payment, please give a quote from instructions, proving the necessity of compensation. All messages are checked by QC team and any violations will lead to account deactivation or other penalties.


If you breach the aforementioned rules, you will be warned for inappropriate behavior; and in case such behavior recurs, your account will be deactivated. Please, respect customers and the privacy policy of our company and communicate with all parties in a professional manner.