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Use academic sources only

Avoid using more than 40% of internet sources, if other is not specified by customer in order description. NEVER use Wikipedia, SparkNotes, WikiHow and alike resources as a source unless required by the customer; use professional websites only. Use the names of articles or books found on the web and not their URLs (web addresses), so it will not look like an online source. Customer may specify exact sources to be used in order description. Once the numbers of sources in this field and in the description field don't match, or you find it difficult to find the sources required, please address the customer with the question via our messaging system. Yet, consider using free scholarly libraries to find necessary source first and contact customer only if you can’t find any.

If you can't find a source specified by the customer in order instructions, make use of online research tips in different subject area and try to find the book in free online libraries.


  • plan to take up an order in a new field and you doubt your capacity to find enough resources to submit a high-quality paper;

  • feel that you lack online academic sources available;

  • feel that you spend more time than needed on Internet research;

  • and want to know how to perform an efficient academic-related online search…

Excellent online academic research skills are vital for writing high-quality and comprehensive academic papers.

TRY these effective online search sites and research tutorials and get your overall performance and writing speed boosted! This means more satisfied customers, more bonuses, quicker upgrade, and payment enhancement!

Yet, you might find it quite convenient and beneficial to subscribe to online libraries such as Questia, EBSCO, or Emerald. Although these online libraries and databases require some investment of your money, it will surely pay off very soon as you will have unlimited instant access to academic journals, articles, books, etc. that are reliable and authoritative to be used for your research work and papers. Since you will be able to provide more academically credible papers, your stream of orders and, consequently, salary will only increase.

Still, if for any reason you need a hard-to-find resource, please notify the customer about the issue immediately. You can write a message to the customer via messaging system and request a scanned/copied/online version of the necessary resource.