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Available orders subsection of the Essay/Dissertations section contains all orders available to you at the moment. In this section, you can view and take orders you want to work on. By clicking on “View” button, you can view order details, deadline, and specific instructions about the order. By clicking "Take it" button you commit yourself to writing this paper within the specified deadline and following the client's instructions. Please note that you have to follow the information provided in the documents attached to the buttons “Task file” or/and “Files” of the given order as well.


Please note that the system is live and many writers can view the orders at the same time you do. The one who clicks the “Take it” button first gets the order. Only one person can write the paper. If you are the one who got the order, it will immediately appear in Processing orders subsection (My current orders -> Processing orders).


Once you complete the paper, you should upload it to the system using the upload section (Plus symbol (+)) which you can see when clicking on the “Files” (this option becomes available only when the order is in your Processing orders already). When you are uploading your paper, please use the Check options (PlagiarismSearch) to check the originality of your paper. Our Quality Control Department checks EVERY paper for plagiarism, so please don't copy-paste sources as you will be fined for that. Learn more about plagiarism, how to avoid it and about penalties system now.


Once you upload the paper and overall deadline expires, it becomes available for the client's review, so make sure it is completed in compliance to the instructions. You can find your completed orders either in Completed orders subsection in the bar on the right (My current orders -> Completed orders).


Upon the receipt of your paper, customers often check it with their initial instructions. If some requirements are missing, the customer may return the paper for revision within 2 days - 1 week* after the customer gets the paper for orders up to 20 pages (*depends on order’s initial deadline) and within 1 month term for orders longer than 20 pages in length. Yet, on some occasions, there might be exceptions for our returning customers and you might be asked to do the revision even when revision availability period ends.


However, if you see that the customer is changing initially provided instructions or is asking for additional pages in his/her revision request, please contact Support team to arrange the compensation for additional work. You should deliver the revised work by the new deadline specified.


However, if your paper is not written per instructions, is plagiarized, and/or contains mistakes, clients may not want revision and might demand a refund. In this case, if the customers’ claims are proved valid, we will have to refund the order and withhold your payment for this order. If the customer had a false claim or was not honest, no penalties will take place. Please, feel free to participate in the investigation process and submit your comments on the situation if it occurs. This will greatly help the Customer Support department and your close attention to the issue will be greatly appreciated. Please note that your communication is crucial in satisfying the client. To deliver high quality work and develop good relations with our customers, you should promptly respond to all customers’ messages. Yet, do not forget to follow the policies established for communication via messages.