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Your profile contains your personal information and other important data that you provided in the registration form. All information that you provide in your Profile must be true. Please review all the information and make any necessary changes as explained below (please contact Support team or your HR to make the changes if you cannot do it by yourself). Please be as accurate as possible.



Login (it can be some word or mail address) which you specify when you register on our website. You should use it for logging into your account.



Password is a secret word or phrase you specified when you were registering on our website. You should use it for logging into your account. Do not share your login details with anyone else. 



Title is used to denote your gender – male (Mr) or female (Ms).


First Name and Last Name

Please specify your first and last name correctly. We like to address our writers by their names as our writers are our main assets, and we greatly value our cooperation with them.

Please note that, in some cases, administration may ask you to provide a scan of some ID to check whether you are the legitimate owner of the account, so please make sure that you register under your real name.


Date of birth

Date of Birth is provided in the following format Day-Month-Year (DD-MM-YY).



Make sure you provide your correct email address and check it regularly. It is highly recommended to use a Gmail account. Make sure your e-mail can accept big files as some additional instructions may be forwarded to your e-mail (for this reason, it is better to use gmail.com account). Check to see if our mails, especially automatic notifications from the system, are not going into your Spam folder. If you don't receive any e-mails from us, please NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY. Please note: it is very important that you always receive e-mail messages from us. Besides, you will always receive e-mail notifications when:


  • you take the order or it is assigned by our QCT;
  • you receive a revision request;
  • you have new messages from the customer/support/editor;
  • there are new files uploaded into the system;
  • the order is reassigned from you.


Phone #1 and Phone #2

Make sure you enter all your phone numbers in the international format. If you give incorrect numbers or do not give any numbers at all, your account might be terminated due to inability to contact you. Our Support team will call you only in urgent cases or when you do not check your mail or system and there are some issues that require your immediate attention as a writer.

Along with e-mail notifications, you will receive SMS notifications in some cases. It will speed up the writing and communication process and will help you to avoid automatically counted penalties in case of late submission or revisions.


Skype login

Please provide your Skype login in this field. It will be needed for initial training and will be used as another means of communication with your HR.


Time zone

Please make sure you have indicated your time zone correctly. It is VERY important. We have customers worldwide and we need to synchronize time with you and the customer. Deadlines and all other dates in the system depend on this value.


Country, State, City, Zip, Address

Please, enter your current address details accurately. Country and City are mandatory fields; Zip and Address are optional.

Other fields are explicit – just answer the questions posed.



Please specify which Disciplines or Subjects you are familiar with.


Payment System

Please choose your preferred payment method from the options offered in Payment System dropdown field to receive your salary for completed orders. Please, submit the required information long before your first payroll date, so that we could process your salary in a timely manner. 


Payment Details

Payments details are necessary to process and transfer you salary. They may include details of the bank account or your payment account e-mail address. After you choose your payment method, you must submit all the required details so that we could process your salary payments on time. Learn about payment details required for different payment methods now. Please mind that you may change your payment details - please contact your HR manager or Financial Department.


Payment threshold, USD

It is the very minimum you wish to earn before your salary is released. It is to be filled in USD.

E.g. if you choose Payment Threshold of USD 50, you will not get your money until you earn 50 US dollars.


Throughout the process of working with us, you can change some of your personal details (e.g. telephone, e-mail address, time zone, etc.). Always make those changes immediately on "My profile" section of your account and/or inform your HR about the change.