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Dear Writer!

Before taking assignments, please read the Writer’s Guide very carefully. It contains detailed work requirements as well as information on using the system. Also, review some basic principles that must be applied to papers below. Papers that do not match the given requirements will not be accepted and may be regarded as a violation of the Company's policy and can result in a fine.


Follow All Paper Requirements

All paper requirements (information provided in View/Description and Files attached (if any)) must be 100% followed. If the paper you submit does not meet the paper requirements to the full, it might be reassigned (removed from your account together with the salary for it) from you.

If paper requirements are not clear enough or the order lacks some information (or the order seems to lack files), the writer MUST ask for clarifications. It is the responsibility of the writer to ensure that the paper instructions are detailed and clear.


Submit Papers on Time

Writers must upload their finished papers on time or before the deadline. Late papers may cause a lower or a failing grade for customers. They may demand their money back or refuse to use our services again in the future. That is why, writers who submit papers when the deadline is out are financially penalized (order salary becomes lower by 30%) or even may lose their compensation for the order.

To learn more about the standards we require please see PAGE FORMAT and BONUS PAGES sections of the Writing guide.

If the order you take from the system does not have the time specified in Time remaining (deadline is already out but the order is still in Available orders), then you should contact Support Team to clarify how much time it is possible to have for completion of such an order. You must not start working on the order without approval of our Support Team.


Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is not acceptable and is not tolerated by our company. If you are found guilty of minor plagiarism, your account will be downgraded and financial penalties might be applied to the salary of the plagiarized order. However, if you happen to plagiarize again or plagiarism percentage is high, your account will be deactivated immediately and the earned funds for the plagiarized works will not be released.

To learn more about penalty policy of the company, please see the Penalties and Fines section of the System Guide.

NOTE: Writers cannot use their previously completed orders or even a part of their papers uploaded to the system in any other way (cannot resell, publish, use again for any other orders, etc.). All authors’ rights and copyright are transferred to the customers once the papers are submitted. Each and every paper you upload has to be unique and original even the topic is absolutely the same - no matter whether it is an essay/research paper or PPT, or Rewriting order. Every paper must be unique and original!


Pay Attention to What You Write

You must create the project in the most proficient way. Your writing should be clear and logical. The paper shouldn't contain any grammatical, orthographic, punctual, or stylistic errors. You must proofread the paper before its submission!

To learn more about the writing standards required please read the Writing Guide.

4Writers.net expects your professional approach to freelance writing and is looking forward to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.