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Additional services include:

  • Draft

  • Summary

  • Speaker notes

  • Extended revision

  • Progressive delivery


NB: If the customer asks to provide any of the abovementioned points in the task/messages, but they are not ordered as an additional service (they are not mentioned in additional service field), please contact Support team at qualitycontrolagents3@4writers.net and ask to get compensation.




Draft is a part of the paper, which has to be provided within the specific deadline, earlier than the whole paper (by the deadline that is given below the section Additional Services). Please note that the deadline for drafts must be met as the customer can ask for reassignment of the order or refund if he/she does not receive the draft in time. Late submission of drafts will be traced by the system and lateness penalty will be applied to the price of the draft (not the whole order). You will also receive an email notification about lateness.


Usually the draft takes around 300 words. If the paper is more than 10 pages, then the draft is usually bigger – 3-7 pages. As a rule, in 20+ page orders, it is specified exactly how many pages of draft are needed and when they should be submitted.


Please upload drafts in Files section (do not send drafts in messages to customers). If not, the system will apply lateness penalty for the draft. Please make sure your draft is plagiarism-free (refer to PlagiarismSearch.com before uploading a file).


Your draft must be named orderID-draft (as a separate word). Please ALWAYS name the file correctly. If not, the penalty will be applied.


Order with a paid draft option will not move into “Completed orders,” if you upload a draft only. It will still be “processing” in your profile until you upload the whole paper.


The draft will automatically become visible to the customer. You can also notify the customer via messages that you have uploaded a draft and he/she may check and advise, if you work in the right direction.


Please do not upload drafts in orders that do not require them.




Summary as an additional service is a piece of writing that summarizes the key points discussed in the paper itself and the conclusion reached. Summary should be uploaded together with the final paper (no need to upload it earlier than the final paper, please upload it right after you have uploaded the paper to the website) but in a separate file (titled OrderID_Summary.docx). Summary is one-page long, which means you need to write 300 words in your summary file per double spaced papers and 600 words if single spacing is indicated.


Speaker notes


Speaker notes are applicable to Power Point Presentations/PPT posters and PDF posters. Writers are required to submit 100-150 words below each slide (the text to be spoken when showing the slide to the audience). A presenter should write important key points that he/she wishes to tell during the presentation. Please keep in mind that you cannot provide the same information on the slide and in notes. Notes should contain an explanation of/addition to the points mentioned on the slides.


Extended revision


Extended revision allows the customer to order a prolonged deadline for revision of his/her order. If you take an order with Extended revision ordered, you have to be ready to make revisions till the time specified in the order description: PLEASE NOTE YOU ARE REQUESTED TO MAKE REVISIONS FOR THIS ORDER TILL [Date and time here].


Considering that the time specified for revision in such orders is much longer than the order’s deadline, we have to separate the payment of the order’s salary and the payment for this service (which goes in the form of an additional bonus). That is why, the payment for orders having Extended revision might be paid out separately during different payment periods – at first the salary for the order (during the usual payment period) and bonus for Extended revision might be added to the next payment for the next month (or even to the same payment as the order itself; it all depends). Please understand we have to do that to ensure that writers do follow the obligation to make revisions till the ordered time. If they fail to do that, the payment for Extended revision will be given to another writer who will help with that revision.


PLEASE NOTE that if the order does not have the additional service Extended revision, then all previous rules as to revision are applied (writers have to revise the paper upon request if revision is justified and not late).


Progressive delivery


It is applicable to 20+ pages (double-spaced) and 10+ pages (single-spaced), when customers want to receive their papers in parts/drafts* before the final deadline.


Drafts must be sent in the following way:

  • For orders with the urgency of 4 days and less – one draft is sent within 50% of deadline (for example, if the order has 2 days, a draft is sent in 1 day) in the volume of 25% of the total paper length (for example, if the order is 20 pages, the customer gets 5 pages as a draft);

  • For orders with the urgency of 5-11 days – two drafts are sent within 25% and 50% of the order deadline in the volume of 25% and 50% of the total paper length;

  • For orders with the urgency 12 and more days – three drafts are sent within 25%, 50%, 75% of order’s deadline in the volume of 25%, 50%, 75% of the total paper length.


NB: If the customer would like to receive the paper in a different way, it is possible to devise an individual plan based on his/her preferences and order peculiarities. In such a case, all details will be discussed with the editor of the order.


If the customer orders Progressive Delivery, the number of the drafts required and the deadlines for their submission will be specified in the given order.


Please pay attention that all drafts must be sent on time; otherwise, a penalty for draft lateness will be applied or the order might be even reassigned.


Your files with drafts must be named according to the following templates: OrderID-1st-draft, OrderID-2nd-draft, OrderID-3rd-draft (it is important to have “-draft” as a separate word in the file name).


If the customer does not order Progressive Delivery, writers will be asked to send only 1 draft on editor’s request to prove that he/she is working in the right direction (previously, every writer sent 3-5 drafts).