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1. Compensation for early delivery.

If the customer needs the paper earlier than he/she has initially indicated, he/she may ask for an earlier delivery. In that case, the customer should place an additional order to compensate the difference in deadlines. If you receive a message from the customer, in which he/she asks to send the order sooner, please addressSupport Team/ Quality Controlat qualitycontrolagents3@4writers.net. If your deadline (i.e. writer’s deadline) is not changed, additional order will not be assigned to you. Please differentiate between a general deadline (i.e. editor’s deadline) and writer’s deadline. If QCT agents should adjust general deadline only, compensation is not assigned to the writer because he/she is not asked to work in a rush.


2. Compensation for level of writing.

If you see that the level ordered by the customer does not correspond to the reality (e.g. it is an IT order and the level indicated is high school – they do not study IT at high schools, just like engineering and similar disciplines), please address Quality Control asking to get a compensation for appropriate level of writing.


3. Compensation for the wrong order type

If you notice serious inconsistencies (e.g. customer chose Essay instead of Online Test, which usually has a very short deadline), please email QC and ask them to get a compensation for the correct order type.


4. Compensation for additional pages

If you see that the customer paid for certain number of pages, but asks you to write 150+ words more, you need to ask for compensation for additional pages. Writers are supposed to provide maximum 50-100 words over limit for free on customer’s request. If the client needs more words, he/she should pay for it. In this case, please address the customer directly via messages and describe the situation, asking to place a compensation order for extra pages he/she needs. If he/she refuses to pay, you write as many words as the customer paid for. Writers must inform the customer about the issue right after taking the order.


5. Compensation for preferred writer.

If the customer places an additional order to the one you wrote but it is a completely different assignment, it is highly possible that he/she wants you to write that order but did not pay the bonus. In that case, please inform QC right away and they will try to get compensation.


6. Continuation of the same assignment

Sometimes customers’ assignments are divided into several parts. If one writer completed the first part, it is desirable that the same writer accomplishes the rest. To ensure it, customer may place an additional order. QCT members will contact you via email/message system, asking to take an additional order. It is highly recommended to take additional orders of your previous assignments.


7. Compensation for additional services

If the customer did not indicate anything in the Additional Services field, but mentioned in the description/instructions that he needs Draft, Summary, Speaker Notes, Extended Revision, or Progressive Delivery, it means he/she needs the service but has not paid for it. In this case, please inform customer in messages and QC via email about the issue.


8. Compensation for revision

The customer has a possibility to ask for a free revision, if the paper needs fixing within 2 daysafter he/she received the order (i.e. after general deadline passed). If later, he/she should pay for revision. In addition, if the customer sends the revision request on time, but changes initial instructions or provides the details that were not given before, he/she should also compensate it (please contact QCT/Support Team) at qualitycontrolagents3@4writers.net.


However, if initial paper did not follow initial customer’s instructions and the customer threatens with a refund, the writer can be asked to revise the paper for free even if the time for free revision has expired.